This year has been an incredibly fun one here at Manitoba Hot. In between our weekly posts of what’s hot in Manitoba, we recounted our adventures, shared some silliness, and made a lot of lists. Here are our favourite posts from 2015…

Alexis’s top picks

Manitoba Halloween costumes Two words: Sexy. Perogy.

The ABCs of my family summer vacation in Churchill I got to do and write about a lot of fun things this past year – the most epic being this family train trip to Churchill. We had lots of fun on the trip and I probably had even more fun writing this playful post (because reliving a trip with your 4 and 2 year-old kids is much less stressful than actually being on that trip 😉).

Polar bears vs. sharks This post has it all: cute polar bear pictures, a cat video, pop culture references, and a shark eating a baby! I love it when a post makes me laugh, and Kirsten killed with this hilarious post.

The problem with camping – Reverse psychology works! This post by Breanne has such a fun premise and featuring photos from our community makes the truth about why camping in Manitoba is awesome ring so much louder.

Beluga songs Re-writing number one hits with beluga-themed music was likely the most fun I have ever had writing something for work. I was cracking myself up and the graphics (shout out KN!) were the icing AND the cherry on top.

Roadside Madness – A simple, silly idea turned into something huge! Kirsten’s March Madness inspired bracket caught on – way beyond what we initially expected. And while there was no Cinderella story and a heavyweight took the title, it was lots of fun to watch the votes roll in.

Breanne’s top picks

10 steps to clear your mind – You can’t read this post without feeling relaxed, and Alexis did an amazing job at capturing the beauty of the Whiteshell. I’m already looking into when I can book a trip to Falcon Trails Resort!

Show me the way to go home – It isn’t often that we see something so personal on Manitoba Hot, which is why this post made it on my list of top posts! Beautiful prose reveals Kirsten’s nostalgia for the place that made her fall in love with Manitoba’s summers.

Fun in the French Quarter – Maybe it’s just because I have fond memories of that rainy day, but this is one of my favourite posts that I have written on Manitoba Hot. I didn’t know much about St. Boniface prior to the tour and by the end, I was absolutely charmed by the French Quarter of Winnipeg. Chocolate didn’t hurt either.

Manitoba cocktails – Alcohol + clever drink names. Must I say more? I’m a sucker for Manitoba-themed anything and I have to say that The Manitoba Social may just be my dream cocktail. The graphics are amazing, the copy is hilarious, and I need a drink stat.

James Bond – As a big fan of the quirky, lesser-known Manitoba facts, I loved the feature on James Bonds’ make believe tour of Manitoba. Who wouldn’t want to see Jamesy step out of the hot pools of Thermea?

11 cozy escapes – Any post with a Lord of the Rings reference is sure to be in my list of favourites.

Kirsten’s top picks

10 dances at Manito Ahbee – Three things I love: A good list (obviously), bold colours and a cool performance, and Breanne’s post about the dances to watch for at Manito Ahbee had it all. I loved looking at the vibrant photos of people dressed in the most intricate regalia while watching clips of dances that have names like fancy shawl, fancy bustle, jingle and prairie chicken. So good.❤️

I’m digging it! – If you were a kid who loved digging for hidden treasures, this post is for you. Alexis’s adventure to unearth prehistoric marine reptiles in southern Manitoba was a science-lover’s delight full of facts and fossils (lots and lots of ’em!). This piece will so make you want to channel your inner-archaeologist and get out to Morden to dig up a mosasaur or two. Heck, I’d even settle for digging up a teency weency piece of coprolite.

8 super fun polar bear mashups – Trying to dance to Hotline Bling while wearing a polar bear suit might be the most I’ve laughed out loud all year.

10 sweet spots – This was one of Breanne’s first articles on Manitoba Hot and she hit it out of the sweet, sugary park! Warning: Chocolate cravings guaranteed. 🍰🍩🍪

Movie mosasaurs vs. Morden’s mosasaurs – When Jurassic World hit theatres last spring, we we’re all about that mosasaur. This was one of my favourite pieces to write. Any time there’s a need for silly memes, weird comparisons or fun puns I’m your gal.

Merry Manitoba sing-a-long! – Catchy Christmas tunes mixed with merry Manitoba lyrics. ‘Nuff said.

Do you have a favourite Manitoba Hot post? What would you like to see us do next year? Tell us in the comments below.