There’s a certain level of pride that comes with showing someone your home city. You already love your city, and you hope they will too. Such was the case when we invited travel blogger Alex in Wanderland from New York for a tour of Winnipeg. We were like proud parents to see Alex become smitten with our province, and even prouder to see our community encourage and engage with her. Here’s a little round up of what made the biggest impression on our new friend from across the border…

Friendly people

“Winnipeg works overtime to live up to the reputation boasted on its provincial license plates: Friendly Manitoba.”

Kudos to you, friendly Manitobans. You made a lasting impression on Alex from the moment she landed in the airport. Alex commented on our friendly attitudes and our diverse population in her first post, Why Winnipeg? Taking the Pulse of Canada’s Heartbeat. The support and suggestions from Manitoba’s online community was staggering – from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook, we loved seeing people pop up to praise their home city and even offer their own private tours!

Vibrant arts scene

“Clearly, this is a province that knows how to party.”

With home-away-from-home based at The Fairmont, it was easy for Alex to take in all of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival – from shows reenacting Sex in the City (an obvious choice for a New Yorker) to the colourful posters scattered around the historic Exchange District. The Fringe Festival was the perfect time for Alex to explore the area and witness how our community comes together to celebrate and appreciate theatrical arts.

Eclectic eateries

Alex in Wanderland meets Winnipeg

“Called Canada’s ‘most overlooked food destination’ by Air Canada, Winnipeg’s food scene is having a moment.”

I was lucky enough to sit down with Alex in Wanderland for dinner at Deer & Almond, where we chatted about Winnipeg’s growing restaurant scene and in particular, how many incredible options were at her fingertips while wandering through the Exchange District. Alex had nothing but praise to give to eateries such as Clementine, Forth, Bronuts, Chosabi, Miss Browns and more.

Big city attractions

“The toughest part of a traveler’s trip to Winnipeg will be deciding which [attractions] to fit into their trip.”

Alex in Wanderland ticked off some of the most-loved Manitoba attractions during her stay – visiting the Journey to Churchill exhibit at the Assiniboine Zoo, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights, Thermea and even spending some time walking the city’s French Quarter. The end result? A new ambassador for Manitoba. Thanks for visiting, Alex, and thanks to our awesome locals for making her feel right at home. Til next time!

Photos by Alex Baackes of Alex in Wanderland.