Bet you didn’t know that Russell has an awesome coffee scene, and that Chrissy Troy snowboarded for the first time at Asessippi Ski Area & Resort. Week 2 of the Ace & Chrissy Roadshow took the pair to the Parkland for, you guessed it, more winter adventure. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Here’s how Ace & Chrissy spent their final week on the road…

Slopes were hit

…on tubes, snowboards and skis at Asessippi Ski Area & Resort. It was Chrissy Troy’s first time snowboarding, and she loved it!

Food was eaten

Who knew Russell, Manitoba had such interesting places to eat? Ace & Chrissy stopped into Chicken Chef (classic), TinHouse Designs & Coffee Co. and Bin 22 Coffee. In Riding Mountain National Park, they tried the Lakehouse’s famous ice cream sandwiches and later enjoyed a scrumptious meal from Elkhorn Resort.

Bikes were rode

There’s a new way to get around Riding Mountain National Park this winter. Fat bikes can be rented from Friends of Riding Mountain National Park and can be taken to explore the townsite of Wasagaming or to venture out on one of many trails in the area.

The beauty of winter was realized

It’s safe to say that by the end of the Roadshow, Ace & Chrissy fell in love with winter all over again. We’re not surprised.