You’ve seen Culture across the room. Usually hanging out with Arts, but always looking good. You’re kind of interested in Culture, but you’re not really sure it’s your type. Instead on swiping right on the same old, now is the time to give Culture a chance.

Culture is different

The Woman in Black at Royal Manitoba Theatre CentreThe thing with Culture is that it takes on so many different personas. It’s hilarious and suspenseful at the theatre. It’s engaging and inspirational at the symphony. It’s impressive and moving at the opera. It’s educational and introspective at the museum. Whatever mood you’re in, Culture is right there alongside you.

Culture will take you to new places

Maybe there’s a touring show that’s stopping at the Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium in Brandon…Culture will take you there. Maybe you want to soak in some art in Gimli…Culture will take you there. Maybe you’ve actually never been inside the Canadian Museum for Human Rights…Culture will take you there, too. Culture has access everywhere, so it’s a good idea to keep Culture close.

Culture is romantic

Dracula at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Photo by Rejean Brandt

Culture is really emotional — it’s always stirring up feelings inside you. Whether it’s a tragic love story playing out in front of you at the ballet or a touching coming of age story unfolding on stage, Culture will make you feel things. Talk about those feelings over an intimate dinner and if things are going well, maybe you can invite Culture up for a drink at the end of the night.

Culture is affordable

WSO at The Forks, WinnipegIt doesn’t take big bucks to take Culture out. Individual tickets and even season ticket packages or annual passes won’t break the bank. Sometimes, you don’t even have to pay at all, with free concerts that happen throughout the province. Plus, there are offers that make Culture even more affordable, including the Culture Pass and discounts available through Culture on Every Corner.

So grab Culture by the hand and get excited about your fulfilling future together!