Sometimes people think of old stuff as being boring. I mean, what can compete with the flash of an iPad or latest smart phone model in today's modern world? Especially when you're a kid who's not old enough to know what a payphone or a VCR is. 

Enter Le Musee de Saint-Boniface Museum and their family fun days workshops running every Wednesday and Friday from 12:30-3:30pm this summer. Here, history comes to life in a variety of themes and dare we say, excitement, as kids and their caregivers get real life, hands on experience of what it would have been like to be a Voyageur, Metis person living in the 1800s or even a Grey Nun. 

July 4 / August 1 - Live Your Day the Voyageur Way

Live through a day like a voyageur as you take on boot camp. You'll gain all the qualities of a true voyageur as you don the clothes, paddle your way down the 'river', pick up your wares and stop for a snack. 

July 6 / August 3 - On the Metis Trail

The bison hunt was a central activity of the Metis community. Walk in their footsteps by creating elements important to Metis culture and the hunt. Taste real pemmican and make your very own fire bag or mini canoe to take home. 

July 11 / August 8 - Glass Beads? Yes please!

Have you ever admired the amazing beadwork you've seen on Metis crafts and clothing? Join in and learn some of the tips and tricks to creating your very own incredible beading. You'll learn how its done and where the tradition came from. You'll also leave with a small bag you created yourself. 

July 13/ August 10 - Giving for a Living 

The Grey Nuns have been a large part of the St. Boniface community through the years thanks to their goal of providing those in need with food and education. Roll up your sleeves and get your hands doughy as you whip up a batch of 'petes de soeurs'--a traditional pastry made with butter, flour, sugar and cinnamon. You'll also learn a little calligraphy as your sign your name to a 'voyageur contract'. 

July 18 / August 15 - So Much Wool: What a Handful!

Once upon a time, all cloth was made by hand. Explore the magic of weaving and cloth making in the 1800s, as you learn how to use a spindle and carders. Create your very own wool doll and weave a piece of cloth on a mini loom, both of which you can keep as a souvenir from the day. 

July 20 / August 17 - Blast from the Past

Immerse yourself in the culture of the past with games and chores. Play traditional children's games and then learn how kids helped their parents around the house. Don't worry, your hard work will be rewarded with some homemade ice cream.

July 27 / August 24 - Food and Filddle

Make your own bannock over the fire and churn your own butter to eat it with. Try your hand at a fishing game to win surprises as you learn the history of the area's local food. And of course, it's all done to the sound of live fiddle music. 

Travel Manitoba staff was hosted by Le Musee de Saint-Boniface Museum, who did not review or approve this story.