Manitoba makers, bakers and businesses have some of the best hibernation essentials for when you have to stay home. And lucky for us, many of these makers are offering delivery or contactless delivery - which means you can support a local business AND stay safe.

Businesses in Manitoba are changing their levels of service every day--please check with each of these local businesses to see what they are currently offering to help you maintain social distance.

Here are 6 things you need for a Manitoba-made hibernation day.

1) Soothing sips

Any winter hibernation day should start with a warm beverage. A coffee, tea or hot chocolate, take your pick. There are tons of great coffee roasters here in Manitoba, from Flatland Coffee roasted in Gimli to Black Pearl Coffee based in Winnipeg.

Personally, I prefer tea. Three6Tea, a tea shop in Selkirk that comes up with its own tasty flavours, offers tons of choices from Guilt Free Donut to Caramel Macaroon Matcha. For my hibernation day I choose the simple yet flavourful Earl Grey Creme – a combination of floral and bitter. A teaspoon of Beeproject Apiaries honey sweetens the tea just enough, and the honey I’ve chosen is made right here in my own neighbourhood of Wolseley. As the warmth of my tea radiates through my handmade Valerie Metcalfe mug, I already feel like I could crawl back into bed. 

2) Comfy clothes

A woman wearing a hand-knit white sweater sits in a blue chair drinking tea

Comfort is key for hibernation. Animals have their dens and we have our homes. Animals keep warm in extra thick fur and we keep warm in extra thick sweaters. Now’s the time to get out the sweater grandma knit for you last Christmas, or in my case the one passed down from my mother.

3) Pacifying pastime

Grab your needles and yarn from Wolseley Wool and get to work. Knitting is a great hibernation day activity, it’s mesmerizing and slow (at least when I do it), and you’re working toward something. You may not finish your project by the end of the day but after a few more hibernation days you could have a scarf or even a pair of socks. 

If knitting isn’t for you, think about other things you may want to try – writing, reading, drawing, beading. Hibernation days are perfect for trying to learn something new or re-teaching yourself something you once knew how to do. Give yourself a mental break and let your creativity come pouring out. 

4) Relaxation station

Chaleston & Harlow candle and a bath bomb

Some deep relaxation time is a must while in hibernation. I opt for something even more relaxing than sleep – a bath. For a made-in-Manitoba soak in the tub, I recommend a candle from Charleston & Harlow. The owners of this Brandon-based company develop the fragrances and hand-pour the candles themselves right here in Manitoba. So you know they’re made with love and the most wonderful smelling scents. 

5) Evening indulgences

A hibernation day should end with a feast!  

Perogy Planet offers a dozen eclectic options, everything from the traditional potato and cheddar to more uncommon creations like buffalo chicken and Philly cheese steak perogies. Winkler Farmer Sausage to round out this Manitoba-inspired meal.

Since my perogies aren’t traditional I don’t feel bad adding even less traditional elements to this dish. A touch of Smak Dab mustard for the farmers sausage adds a punch. And the apple sauerkraut from Flora & Farmer adds a touch of acidity to the plate and pairs really well with the pulled pork perogies. 

6) Sweet treats

A bag of Utoffea and Decadence Chocolates sit in a white bowl.

No hibernation day is complete without a sweet treat at the end. For dessert I indulge in Decadence Chocolates and Utoffea handcrafted toffee. Both are made in Manitoba and have the right touch of sweetness to finish off a relaxing day.