It’s not easy to plan a vacation that will please the whole family and keep everyone engaged. But sometimes the simplest of trips can make for the best vacation memories that span generations. Webber’s Lodges is a remote, fly-in fishing lodge where families can escape from the stresses of daily life to relax, reconnect and create new traditions.

1. Spot wildlife

It doesn’t matter if you’re 80 or 8 years old: seeing wildlife in the remote north is an unforgettable experience. From the comfort of your lodge, you have the opportunity to see black bears, wolves, moose and eagles. 10 years from now, your grandchildren will still remember seeing the resident wolf pack with grandma and grandpa.

2. Sit at the kitchen table

Gone are the days of filling up a plate and scurrying out of the kitchen. At Webber’s Lodges, the whole family can enjoy gourmet meals together. If you’re out on the lake during meal time, a gourmet feast unlike any shore lunch you’ve ever had will be prepared by your guides while appetizers and cocktails will await as you come off the lake. Canadian cookbook authors Helen Webber and Marie Woolsey are on site to prepare delectable meals, to be shared over fishing stories from the day.

3. Be distracted only by your next catch

Spending time with family is #1 in the remote and pristine wilderness of Manitoba’s north. The itch to check Facebook or email will fade away as you hit the waters, cast a line and worry only about getting ready for your next catch.

4. Reel in a master angler

Fishing at Webber's Lodges in Manitoba

Everyone remembers their first big catch: and your grandkids will too. A trip to Webber’s Lodges will take you into waters teeming with Northern Pike, Lake Trout and more. Experienced, professional guides will help you achieve your goal of reeling in a master angler. North Knife Lake is a fishing paradise where the bragging rights are well-earned!

5. Experience Northern hospitality

Fishing at Webber's Lodges in Manitoba

A family vacation to Webber’s Lodges is an extremely exclusive opportunity, with only 50 spots available per year. Your family will be one of few who experience the phenomenal Northern hospitality of the chefs, expeditors and guides – who by the way, have over 30 years of experience! The day will be yours and yours alone. Choose between hanging out in the custom-designed, luxury lodges or venture out into unexplored territory.

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