We’ve hosted many top-tier travel media to Churchill over the years to feature beluga whales. As professional travellers, they’ve experienced the world’s wildest adventures, yet they commonly cite the up-close beluga tours as their most magical trip EVER. If you won’t take Travel Manitoba’s word for it, listen to these guys:

Amy Rosen, enRoute, Canada

Air Canada’s stylish in-flight magazine published Amy’s uproarious tale about swimming with belugas, complete with original artwork.

Birgit-Catherin Duval, freelancer, Germany

Eisiges Schnorchelglück

Sure, the headline is fun to say out loud. Even via Google Translate, this recent newspaper article on swimming with belugas captures the exhilaration of swimming in sub-arctic waters.

Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil, The PlanetD, Canada

Kayaking with Beluga Whales – A Paddlers Dream

Photo by The Planet D

Having kayaked with animals in many different countries, the PlanetD was very pumped to check the Churchill River off their list. The thrill of gliding along with belugas shows on their faces.

Hal Brindley and Cristina Garcia, Travel for Wildlife, U.S.A.

We love that this niche blog targets travellers with a keen interest in wildlife. Their video of snorkeling with baby belugas has been a go-to piece of content for our social channels.

Sarah Marshall, freelancer, UK

Syndicated in newspapers across the English countryside, this story’s highlight is a very creative beluga playlist.