Header photo by: Kyle Schappert 

I don’t care about how much of a city slicker you are, when summer hits, we all itch to get out to the lake – any lake! Manitoba’s 5 degrees of cabin separation means that most of us get out at least once during the summer, while others move into their cozy summer abodes for the entirety of June, July and August. Our Provincial and National Parks are cottage and camping country, where docks lead us seamlessly into gorgeous waters and singing birds rouse us from lazy afternoon naps. If you’re thinking this sounds like paradise, you’re right. Here are 20 photos that prove Manitoba lake life is the best life…

A trip to the cabin means getting away from it all

What’s cozier and more relaxing than unplugging at the cabin?
Photo: Falcon Trails Resort, Chris P. Bakön


With untold adventures only a paddle away

Seek them out via kayak, canoe or paddle board. Paddling is the best way to explore our vast lakes.
Photo: Nopiming Provincial Park, From Here and Away


And new memories are always being made.

…And they’ll never stop talking about the GIGANTIC fish they caught.
Photo: Caddy Lake, Rory Court


There are over 100,000 lakes to explore

Each with unique features and historical context.
Photo: Bakers Narrows, Kyle Schappert 


And with loved ones always nearby

Cabin weekends are for connecting with friends and family, not the wifi.
Photo: Red Rock Bible Camp, Sierra Friesen 


…it’s the perfect place to float life away.

Time flies when you’re doing absolutely nothing.
Photo: Steep Rock, Riley McDonald


The views never get old

Whether it be a white sand beach or a forested path to the dock, cottage country offers the best views.
Photo: Larissa Wall


And the food is always just a tad more delicious.

Especially if it’s something you just caught that afternoon.
Photo: Point du Bois, colinmethebest


Even the coffee tastes better on the dock!

Nature’s own cafe is wildly popular.
Photo: Nopiming Provincial Park, Colby Spence


By night, the best stories (and songs) come out around the bonfire

S’mores, singalongs and spooky stories are bound to come out around every bonfire.
Photo: West Hawk Lake, Rory Court


Yet even surrounded by family and friends, moments of solace are fully within reach.

Like we said, there are over 100,000 lakes, making it easy to find secluded space for reflection.
Photo: Bird Lake, Nopiming Provincial Park, Alex Young


The water is spectacular and refreshing

You won’t be able to resist taking the plunge.
Photo: Clearwater Lake Provincial Park, morgannamalyon


And so are the cold beverages.

Particularly when said beverage is a cold, local beer.
Photo: Nutimik Lake, Steph Hnatiuk


Traffic is at a minimum

And passerbys are more than willing to offer a friendly wave.
Photo: jesmats


And you always gather the courage to take a leap of faith.

“Just jump in!” is a phrase commonly heard on any lake.
Photo: Tulabi Falls, Anastasia C. 


New friends are always showing up

Of the furry and feathered variety.
Photo: Victoria Beach, Corinne Flaws


And there endless opportunities to get closer to nature

Take a hike and receive a healthy dose of nature that will ease you into utter bliss.
Photo:  Whiteshell Provincial Park, Paul Epp


You can stay up to see the Northern lights bounce off the water

Making for an even more spectacular late night show.
Photo: Hecla-Grindstone Provincial Park, Karyn


Or just end the day with a phenomenal sunset.

Depending on which side of the lake you’re on, of course. Best paired with a dock, good friends and a beverage of your choice.
Photo: Riding Mountain National Park, Austin Mackay


Yup, time spent at the lake is time well spent. And your best friend(s) will love it, too.

If there’s any creature that loves the lake more than us humans, it’s man’s best friend.
Photo: McGillivray Falls, Sophie + Olive