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The first skiff of snow has fallen (and already melted) across much of Manitoba but that won't stop us from getting out and enjoying outdoor and indoor events in our province. This week, hike to the beach to watch a late autumn sunset, visit the bison at Lake Audy in Riding Mountain National Park or stay home and attend an online concert or participate in a virtual museum tour. No matter what you get up to this week, please follow all COVID-19 government restrictions and regulations and stay safe.

1. Attend a quiet concert

Quiet Concerts

Online / Hosted on Treaty 2 territory
October 25 / 7:00 p.m.

Plug in your own headphones and attend an intimate live electronic music concert featuring Jeff Smith. He plays guitar and experiments with different effects and looping pedals. The concert will be livestreamed on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch. This will be the last of the Prairie Wires Quiet Concerts series so don't miss it!

2. Take in an art exhibit

Catherine Blackburn - New Age Warrior

Photo credit: catherineblackburn.com

NorVA Centre, Flin Flon / Treaty 2 territory
Ends October 25

In the New Age Warriors exhibition artist Catherine Blackburn uses plastic beads to create intricate and beautifully crafted armour. The works are a celebration of strength and resiliency as Blackburn draws inspiration form the past, present and her family to create an image of the future. Please follow all COVID-19 guidelines in place at the NorVA Centre and respect all northern Manitoba travel restrictions.

3. Relive moments from Festival du Voyageur


Online / Originally hosted on Treaty 1 territory

Hé Ho! Now you can go to Festival du Voyageur any time. Relive some special moments from Manitoba's largest winter festival using Festival du Voyageur's interactive 360 video map. Peek inside the various tents, tour through the buildings inside Fort Gibraltar and admire the snow sculptures from last year's festival all from the comfort of your own home.

4. Visit Churchill

Polar bear Churchill

Churchill / Treaty 5 territory
Tours through October and November

It is the time of year when the polar bears gather by the sea in Churchill waiting for the ice to form on the Hudson's Bay. Take advantage of these 5 last minute package deals that will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the remote area of Churchill, where the annual migration of polar bears captivates wildlife enthusiasts from October through November. Churchill is an exception to the northern travel restrictions but please follow all government guidelines when traveling to and from Churchill.

5. Learn some military history

Gunner, RCA Museum

Shilo / Treaty 2 territory

The Royal Canadian Artillery Museum owns over 65,000 artifacts and displays about 1,000 of them at a time in the public galleries. The RCA museums focuses on artillery created after the invention of gun powder – cannons, track vehicles, and guns from the 1800s to present day. But you can also learn much about wartime sport, art and post-war life in Manitoba and Canada.

6. Spend a virtual night at the museum

Historical Museum of St. James-Assiniboia

Historical Museum of St. James-Assiniboia, Winnipeg / Treaty 1 territory
October 22 / 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Go behind the scenes on a virtual tour of the Historical Museum of St. James-Assiniboia. This live streamed evening will feature guest speakers, a children's craft activity and a tour of the 1911 Municipal Hall Jail Cell. Tune in on the museum's Facebook page to participate in this Culture Days virtual event. 

7. Take a drive to see the murals of Boissevain

Boissevain mural

Boissevain / Treaty 2 territory

Explore the town of Boissevain, learning about its history and its present through the murals that cover walls throughout the town. There are over 20 giant murals to admire showing bits of Bossevain like the one-room schoolhouse, the old sawmill and a pioneer kitchen.

8. Admire the sky at Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach, Hecla Island by Vijaya Chitnis

Photo credit: Vijaya Chitnis

Sunset Beach, Hecla Island / Treaty 3 territory

The beach does not have to be a summer activity only. On the western shore of Hecla Island, Sunset Beach is a beautiful spot to watch the sunset in autumn too, and as the sun sets earlier you don't have to stay out as late! You can also hike approximately 2 hours along the West Quarry Trail to fully experience Hecla Island.

9. Hike to see the Bannock Point Petroforms

Bannock Point

Bannock Point Petroforms, Whiteshell Provincial Park / Treaty 3 territory

Take the opportunity to hike to the Bannock Point Petroforms before they are blanketed in snow for another season. This sacred place on Treaty 3 territory has figures laid out in the forms of turtles, snakes and humans. Read up on the site before going to fully understand the cultural, spiritual and historical significance of this area.

10. Meet the bison herd


Lake Audy, Riding Mountain National Park / Treaty 2 territory

The bison do not mind the cooler weather and don't mind visitors either! Take a drive through the Lake Audy Bison Enclosure to see the herd of about 40 bison that make the area their home. Remember to always stay inside your vehicle when visiting and don't forget to bring your camera to capture images of these prairie mammals up close.