How to fall in love with Clear Lake (hint: it’s easy)

Posted May 19, 2016 | Author Travel Manitoba

In the heart of Riding Mountain National Park, lies the comforting calm of Wasagaming, a charming, easy-going lake town chock-full of friendly folk and lovely places.

Tourism information building and gardens at Wasagaming - Clear Lake.

It’s a great haven for those who like to chill and relax on a beach all day and those who would prefer spending an endless amount of time exploring all the nooks and crannies of a National Park. This place is big. It’s beautiful. It’s calm. It’s like no other. Welcome to Clear Lake Country

Relax at a charming stay

Before you hit the park, you need to choose your own adventure. The town of Wasagaming has places from retro to woodsy to modern. Pick from luxury cabins, heritage cabins, motels, hotels, lodges, chalets or campsites. And they’re all within walking distance to beautiful Clear Lake and the main beach. Sigh. There’s definitely a place to stay that will float your boat. Hey, and don’t forget your boat! You can launch it on Clear Lake or Lake Audy.

Clear your mind on the water

It’s that one moment. The one where you place your paddle in the boat and you smile as you hear that familiar sound of your boat slicing into still water. Sweetness. Pretty much any paddling adventure is memorable, but at Clear Lake, your journey will give you a 360 experience — you might be looking down as much as you gaze forward. The water is that clear! Do you keep your eyes peeled towards the shoreline to catch sight of a moose, or do you keep those eyes locked on the drink to spy a fat walleye? Hard choices, to be sure.

Walk amongst giants

Do you hear that? Is it rustling leaves or are those tall giants of the forest whispering to you? Beckoning you to journey further. Showing you that there’s more beauty around each bend. Shading you from the sun’s hot rays under a lush canopy of green. A walk along one of the many trails within the park will help you reconnect with the absolute best of Canada’s aspen parkland and boreal forest.

Embrace the quaint

Charm. Clear Lake has it in spades. Whether you find yourself venturing into a bustling ice cream parlour, catching a flick in the largest log cabin theatre in North America or winding down the day on a sunset cruise, you will become enamoured by the friendly charm of Clear Lake’s cottage country. And we need to talk about all those log cabins. Riding Mountain is full of ’em and they are handcrafted masterpieces. Classic Canadiana!

Be amazed at the night sky

Look up. Yeah, we know, our night sky is a stunner. Just because the sun has set on an adventurous day in the park, doesn’t mean it’s time for bed. To be honest, you really want to stay awake for this late show. Picture it, you’re sitting on the end of a dock, gazing up at another world, or at least it seems like another world. If the northern lights do make an appearance during your stay, consider yourself extremely lucky. While this phenomenon is common to Manitoba, many people from around the world would be oh-so jealous of you. So you know you’re going to want to Instagram it.

Look Up At Night

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