Go off-road on a rough and tumble Rocky Lake Resort fishing adventure

Posted August 29, 2018 | Author Alexis McEwen

Less than half an hour north of The Pas is Rocky Lake – one of those quintessentially northern Manitoba lakes, ringed by towering trees and rough rocks.

Little did I know that my visit here was about to get even more quintessentially northern Manitoba (is that even possible?!?) thanks to a backcountry fishing expedition with Rocky Lake Resort.

Cabin in the woods at Rocky Lake Resort

Covering two acres along the shore of the lake, the seasonal Rocky Lake Resort offers a restaurant (try the wild rice!), a variety of cabins, serviced and non-serviced campsites, and for those looking for something in between – campers you can rent onsite without having to bring your own.

Rocky Lake ATV covered in mud after a trail ride

While the setting at Rocky Lake was stunning, the real adventure began as we loaded up in an off-road vehicle. We were given the option to drive our own ATVs, but citing lack of experience (very smart on our part), we opted to hop in the back as Resort owners Dale and Theresa took us along an old logging trail. Eventually the gravel path gave way to mud and the real fun began.

We splashed and squelched our way through the mud, the ATV leaning precariously as it motored through a particularly sticky bit of mud. We drove over downed trees and even caught a glimpse of a bear as it crossed the path ahead of us.

At the end of the trail was the final destination – Atik Lake. A couple of boats had been previously brought over and we loaded one up for an afternoon of fishing. There is no development on this lake and we were the only people on the water that day. In essence, we had our own private lake. The fish – walleye and pike – were ready to bite the minnows on the end of our line.

And bite they did! We had a fun few hours enjoying the scenery and reeling in our catches – most released and one kept for a tasty fish fry to end the day.

Of course, the fish fry had to wait until we had made the bumpy muddy journey back to the Resort. Having already made the journey once, we were real pros now, not flinching when the mud splash over our shoes (and our pants, and shirts and faces).

To book this customizable backcountry adventure, a cabin or campsite here, contact Rocky Lake Resort.

Travel Manitoba staff was hosted by partner, Rocky Lake Resort, who did not review or approve this post.

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