Go north with these incredible Flin Flon travel packages

Posted August 17, 2021

Meaning “rock all around” in Cree, Flin Flon is a wilderness escape unlike any other.

With striking rocky landscape and crystal-clear lakes, Flin Flon is an outdoor enthusiast's dream destination. Go off the beaten path and discover this unique region of the province yourself with two packages that will make your adventure north smooth sailing. But first, 5 quick facts about Flin Flon.

1. It's named after a science fiction character

Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin was the central character in a turn-of-the-century science fiction drug store novel, The Sunless City, written by J.E. Preston-Muddock. Legend has it that a tattered copy of the paperback was found in the boreal forest in 1914 by explorer and prospector Thomas Creighton, who came to Flin Flon looking for gold like many others.

2. The town is built atop impenetrable rock outcrop

The Precambrian Shield was deposited almost two billion years ago, formed by a series of underwater volcanoes. Flin Flon was built on top of the shield -- evidenced by the iconic above ground sewer boxes that can still be seen throughout town.

3. It's home to the tallest freestanding structure in Western Canada

At 251 metres, the Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Company’s smokestack (aka The Stack) dominates the skyline. While it’s not the Eiffel Tower, the smokestack is a unique landmark in Western Canada.

4. The town has one of the last remaining drive-in theatres in Manitoba

The Big Island Drive-In is open during the summer and into early October, airing the latest blockbusters on its large outdoor screen.

5. It's one of the best areas in Manitoba for fishing

Flin Flon is at the heart of northern Manitoba’s lake district and home to enormous lake trout, burbot and northern pike.


Flin Flon Hike & Paddle Package

By Bakers Narrows Lodge

Enjoy the water and the wild north of the 53rd parallel at Bakers Narrows Lodge. Package includes:

• Four night stay at a lakeside deluxe log cottage at Bakers Narrows Lodge
• Half day kayak paddling excursion on Lake Athapapuskow
• Half day Hiking the Limestones tour
• Price: $399 + taxes (based on four people)


Flin Flon A Taste of the North Package

By Flin Flon Arts Council

This three night stay at the beautiful Bakers Narrows Lodge includes foraging for a Boreal Taste Test, ‘walk through a volcano’ and learn about our world famous, mineral rich topography . Explore the pristine lakes or take in the Big Island Drive which starts after sunset. This package includes a fine-dining experience.

• 3 night at Bakers Narrows Lodge
• Breakfasts at Bakers Narrows Lodge
• Miners Lunch from Mugsy’s Deli
• Fine-dining experience with choice of musical entertainment: country, jazz, folk, pop, classical
• Foraging expedition with take-home northern herbs or tea
• Boreal Taste Test and knowledge sharing hosted by The Uptown Emporium
• Walk Through a Volcano tour with geologist Thomas Heine
• Pontoon boat ride
• Kayak or canoe rental
• $10/person gift certificates from The Orange Toad Cafe
• $20/person gift Certificates from Big Island Drive Inn
• Price: GROUP OF 4 - $2,500, GROUP OF 2 - $2,000