Double, double toil and trouble 7 Halloween costumes inspired by Manitoba

Posted October 25, 2016 | Author Breanne Sewards

While we didn’t see any proof in the form of pictures, we’re certain that there must have been an influx in Nutty Club and Flintabbety Flonatin costumes last year after we inspired the masses to think Manitoba for Halloween. But if you were one of the few that didn’t get the chance to dress up as a sexy perogy, make it up to our province this year with one of these 7 Halloween costumes that give a nod to Manitoba’s icons, institutions and most loved characters. Happy Halloween!


The Pic-a-Pop costume puts a Winnipeg twist on a soda pop costume, giving a nod to the iconic drink that became a sensation. The small soda pop manufacturer was born in Winnipeg in 1971, and as popularity grew, so did the flavour selection and the bottling plants. Before its disappearance, there were bottling plants in Moose Jaw, Calgary, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Vancouver, Minnesota, Texas and even Hawaii. Pic a Pop has recently experienced a resurgence and now sells nine flavours in a variety of locations in the city – so get together with your friends and choose a flavour to be this Halloween. For an easy variation of this costume, simply dress head-to-toe in the colour of your flavour and iron-on a decal of the Pic a Pop logo. Top your costume off with a bottle cap hat (an upside down bowl with ridges painted gold will work well).

Aurora Borealis

Makeup look by Bumzigana | Aurora Borealis photo by _soley_

Surely one of those most beautiful feats of nature, the Aurora Borealis is the perfect inspiration for your Halloween Costume. And if you haven’t had a chance to see the northern lights show, consider the once-in-a-lifetime northern culinary event – RAW: Churchill. Think of your costume as an abstract look and deck yourself out in all-black outfit. Pick up some glow in the dark paint and splatter your black garb to resemble the northern lights. There are several extremely awesome makeup tutorials on YouTube, and if you want to really pull off the look, make an appointment at Sapphire Hair Lounge in Winnipeg to get a multi-coloured Aurora Borealis hair dye.

Social Platter

Adding to last year’s Sexy Perogy and Kolbasa, the Social Platter costume takes the Manitoba tradition to the next level. The costume requires only that you carry (via straps) or become a social platter stacked full of rye bread, mustard, bright pink ham and cheddar cheese – fake or real. Please don’t steal the actual food platter at whatever Halloween social you’re attending for this look. For an added touch of authenticity, wear a slice of salami on either shoulder. It’s just one of those traditions that’s hard to explain.

Louis Riel or Burton Cummings

Who’s more worthy of being honored in costume than Manitoba’s founding father, Louis Riel? Louis Riel’s primary goal was to preserve and protect Métis rights and culture, playing a central role in the Red River and North-West resistances. To get Louis Riel’s look, you are going to want to put on some historical garb and grow out your ‘stache. Get inspiration from Festival du Voyageur‘s Louis Riel look-a-like contest, and don’t forget a ceinture flêchée.

If you have a second Halloween party to attend, keep the mustache and hair look you have going on for Louis Riel and simply change out some accessories to pull off a costume of a more recent Manitoba icon: Burton Cummings. Known for his band The Guess Who, a Burton Cummings costume could include a sharp collared floral shirt, a striped suit and a chain collar.

Rae & Jerry’s

This costume pays homage to a lounge untouched by time that has long been a Winnipeg institution: Rae and Jerry’s. The restaurant has been around since the late 1950’s, and still rocks its eye catching retro decor. While the original idea for this costume was to copy the original waitress’s look, it has since morphed into a more metaphorical tribute – featuring red vinyl (or polyester), red lipstick and a server’s apron with the iconic restaurant sign. And since Rae and Jerry’s is known for their mouth-watering steaks, buy a toy steak to serve at your Halloween party. Beehive optional.

Fisherman & Catfish

If you’re looking for the couples costume of the year, this is it, especially since we are known as the Channel Catfish Capital of the world. Don your favourite pair of waders and take inspiration from one of Manitoba’s greatest fisherman (like the Rock n’ Roll Fisherman or Uncut Angling). Bonus points if you already have a master angler badge to wear. Your counterpart will want to channel the strength of the legendary Channel Catfish and embrace the slime. Dress head-to-toe in grey (including grey makeup or face paint) and add some fins on the sleeves with tinfoil or cardboard painted grey. Whiskers can be added to the side of the hood using wire. The same wire can be used to create a fake fish hook to hang out of your mouth. Did we mention the slime?

The Goog

It’s an upside-down blueberry shake with a hot fudge sundae and bananas topped with whip cream. If you’re going as BDI‘s famous Goog this Halloween, you ought to have that memorized. There are a few different ways you can interpret this costume, but we suggest building the cup out of cardboard, fit to your size with arm holes so that you can stand inside of it and still have movement. Paint your cup red with the BDI logo, and create layers of ice cream and whipped cream at the top using tulle fabric or stuffing. Add in ping pongs painted blue to represent the blueberries, wood chips to represent the peanuts and carry around a giant spoon.

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