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6 hot and steamy spots to turn up the heat in Manitoba

Header photo by The Forks If I were Queen, every household in Manitoba would have its own personal sauna. Consider Finland, where for the 5.3 million citizens, there are also 3.3 million saunas. If there is any other place on Earth that deserves such a ratio, it's Manitoba. Learn to love (even

Category - Winter

10 things to do this week in Manitoba

The chilly days of winter are here. In Manitoba that just means there's more reason to get out, get active and celebrate the season! This week we take on the outdoors as we play in the snow for World Snow Day, explore the wonders of the north and learn survival skills. If you're feeling too chilled,

Category - Winter

Temps des Fêtes, temps des lumières

La tradition des lumières pendant les Fêtes de fin d’année a évolué au cours des siècles, allant de l’intérieur des maisons vers l’extérieur, puis vers la rue, les commerces et les places publiques. Pour enchanter les tout-petits, le sapin de Noël et quelques jeux de lumières suffisent. Mais pour ce