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Lace up and launch out on one of these walking tours around Winnipeg

Walking is one of those things most city dwellers just do and Winnipeg is one of those places where walking is such a forgone conclusion that we often do it without giving it a second thought. But Winnipeg has a few intriguing surprises up its sleeve and a walking tour is the perfect way make a few discoveries, while seeing the city in a whole new light. Here is a sampling of Winnipeg’s walking tours.

Category - Winnipeg

5 reasons you should turn your search for a Christmas tree into a family adventure

Header Photo: @hannahcaam As snow swirls and twinkling lights reign supreme, if you haven’t already put up a Christmas tree, we know it’s on your mind. Here’s our case for why you should go for real over fake and turn the search into an adventure: 1. You’ll make long-lasting family memories With

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3 awesome new things to see at the Manitoba Museum that you won't remember from your childhood

From the Earth History Gallery to the Science Gallery, if you were raised in southern Manitoba, chances are a wander through the Manitoba Museum will bring on some pretty intense nostalgia. Memories of field trips and spring break aside, the Manitoba Museum is evolving by adding new exhibits and improving old ones - and it has some pretty big plans for the future. Here are 3 new things you must check out at the Manitoba Museum, and a few things to look forward to in the years to come!