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5 reasons to add Swan Valley to your list of Manitoba adventures

Swan Valley may not seem like an obvious choice for a new encounter with Manitoba. It’s north of Manitoba, but not the North of Manitoba. More southwesterly if you’re trying to be really specific, it’s about a five-hour-plus drive away from Winnipeg – “…if you’re doing it right” , according to my friend, a born-and-bred Valley girl – and a mere stone’s throw from the Saskatchewan border. The thing about places like Swan Valley that you would rarely give a second thought to though, is that they have an uncanny way of drawing you in and wowing you in ways you wouldn’t really expect. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Swan Valley for your next Manitoba adventure.

Category - Family Fun

Plot your next day trip to St. Norbert with these key stops

Ask just about anyone about the first thing that comes to mind when they hear “St. Norbert” and I’d bet you anything that the first response would be the farmers’ market. That the lively Saturday Saint-Norbert Farmers’ Market – also open on Wednesdays – is one of the highlights of this bilingual