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Category - Arts & Culture

Manitoba's best virtual tours you'll want to try from home

During this time of social distancing around the world, virtual tours have become the perfect way to keep exploring the places you love and you'd love to visit, all from the comfort of your home. Manitoba museums, galleries and attractions have been heeding this call with their very own versions of

Category - Arts & Culture

Finding solace with Manitoba music

Turning up the tunes can help to sooth the noise in your head. In uncertain times, we often turn to artists for comfort...especially musicians. Whether it's their sound or lyrics, musicians have a magical way of putting things into perspective. Since we've got more time on our hands as we continue

Category - Arts & Culture

How to host your own Manitoba anti-social at home

I'm hosting an anti -social and you're not invited! But you're more than welcome to host one just for yourself at home! We asked you to vote in our "Ultimate Manitoba Stay-at-home Poll" to determine what is the most Manitoban thing. It was a close race, but in the end, the classic Manitoba social