Breathe in, breathe out: 5 ways to chill out in Manitoba

Posted February 24, 2016

Travel can be stressful, and exploring the world certainly isn’t all fun and games. Here’s a scenario we’ve all had: After a long day of travel, you finally get through the airport and realize your bags haven’t arrived, and you’re about to venture out into a city unknown. Hello, stress. Wellness tourism is on the rise, and for good reason. Travel is not only about adventure, it’s also about discovering one’s self and unwinding from daily life. So whether you’re a local or a visitor just wanting to kick back, here are 5 ways to chill out in Manitoba.

1. Kick back at the spa

Riverstone Spa

Inn at the Forks, 75 Forks Market Road, Winnipeg

Riverstone Spa is an oasis tucked into the stylish Inn at the Forks, and a perfect stop after a long day of skating or exploring The Forks. The locker rooms have saunas and steam rooms, the quiet area has plenty of snacks and infused water, and the massages are out of this world. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time when visiting this spa, because you won’t want to leave!


775 Crescent Dr, Winnipeg

Although there are bathrobes, Thermëa is not your typical spa. Adjacent to the Crescent Drive Golf Course in Winnipeg, only eight kilometres south of downtown, Thermëa follows the tenets of thermotherapy, the practice of alternating between hot and cold. It is a treat for the senses in both summer and winter, and will leave you in a state of absolute mush.

Ten Spa

Fort Garry Hotel, 222 Broadway, Winnipeg

Wander into the historic Fort Garry Hotel to visit Ten Spa, a blissful spot in the middle of bustling downtown. Before or after your treatment, lounge within dream-like curtains of white, take some time for a nap in the quiet room or wander to the snack table for delectable bread and hummus. The art of hamam is offered at Ten Spa and introduces guests to the ever-so-relaxing Turkish bathing tradition.

Urban Oasis Mineral Spa

Clarion Hotel, 1445 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

Serenity is just one word to accurately describe Urban Oasis Mineral Spa. This spa prides itself in the little details – from a friendly reception, to the faint scent of vanilla in the air. Treatments blend traditional European techniques with water therapies and sensory treats. Most treatments include complimentary use of the Mineral Bath (containing Dead Sea Salt), Mineral Hydrotherapy, and the Aroma-Infused Steam Room.

2. Float away


337 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg

Suffering from insomnia? Body pain? Stress? Just float. Float.Calm is one of two floating facilities in Winnipeg, providing private rooms with float tanks, showers and plenty of peaceful vibes. Each tank is filled with 10 inches of water, containing 850 pounds of pharmaceutical grade epson salt. No matter your size, you will float like a cork in this dense, buoyant water. The tanks limit all sensory input allowing you to fully disconnect from the outside world. It is said that 90 minutes of floating is equal to 4 hours of solid sleep. Sign me up!

Jellyfish Float Spa

894 St Mary’s Road, Winnipeg

Jellyfish Float Spa is another option for floating in Winnipeg, encouraging its visitors to think outside the box and incorporate floating into their wellness routine. Pods are temperature regulated and will feel neither hot nor cold; creating true sensory deprivation. In the pod, you can no longer hear your phone vibrating and you don’t even have to fight gravity. It is the ideal way to let your muscles, joints, bones and mind take a break.

3. Go on a wellness getaway

Calder House

71 Shady Acres Lane, La Broquerie

Calder House is the ultimate holistic getaway, providing the opportunity for guests to treat themselves and reconnect with peaceful country living. Feng Shui is applied throughout the home and there are a variety of treatments and retreats for guests such as aromatherapy, yoga and energy healing. Here, you can experience Reiki or simply relax to a classic Hot Stone Massage. It is the ultimate stress-free getaway.

Bell Aura Bed, Breakfast & Bistro

77 2 Ave SW, Carman

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, take a roadtrip to Carman and stay a few nights in the Bell Aura Bed, Breakfast & Bistro. Located in a 100 year old Presbyterian church, Bell Aura is filled with old world character and charm. Settle in by an original stained glass window, have a home cooked lunch at the bistro or curl up with a book on antique furnishings. If you need to find your inner zen, attend one of the in-house Yoga sessions.

Journey Home Artist Retreat


The Journey Home Artist Retreat‘s mantra says it all: “Imagine a journey to the middle of nowhere, that puts you in the centre of everything, especially yourself.” The Retreat is the ultimate destination for rejuvenation of both body and soul. Stay in hand-crafted, authentic Mongolian Yurts and indulge in home cooked meals by host Sherry Lynn. If you want to tap into your inner creativity and embrace positive energy, all while exploring the great outdoors with a variety of self-guided tours, this is the stay for you.

4. Busy your mind with a wild escape

Auberge Escape Room

13 Elie St. W, Elie

When you think of relaxation, chances are, a high-speed logic test doesn’t come to mind. While an unconventional choice, I think Escape Rooms may be just the ticket for stressed and restless minds. First up is the Auberge Escape Room. Here, you have only 60 minutes on Judgement Day to make it through the gates. It’s the perfect opportunity to take your mind off your worries and focus on this high energy puzzle. A new room, Mysteries of the Holy Grail, is opening soon!

Enigma Escapes

980 Lorimer Blvd, Winnipeg

Enigma is another option for ‘escaping’ every day life, this time within city limits. You’re locked in a room with 60 minutes to escape or find your objective. What do you do? Don’t worry – there are plenty of clues for you to uncover to help find your way out. Test your skills at one of four rooms: Jewel of Zanzibar, Prohibition – The Lucky Duck, Cypherspace and Blackbeards’ Brig.

Other escape rooms include The Real Escape, Ultimate Lockdown, Epic Escape, Code Breakers and The Escape Hatch.

5. Paint the night away

Paint Nite

Various locations in Winnipeg

Another unconventional option for kickin’ back in Winnipeg is Paint Nite. Paint Nite is growing in popularity for its uncanny ability to combine paint and partying – potentially one of the great mergers in history. Gather your friend group and select a painting location and get your creative juices (and your alcoholic drink of choice) flowing. Therapeutic painting combined with friends and plenty of laughter makes for an excellent night away from it all.