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Social butterflying in Manitoba

Recognized as one of three hot spots in Canada for butterflying, Manitoba is a paradise for the winged beauties because of our rich tapestry of ecosystems. Grasslands, boreal forests, mixed woodlands, forest-tundra and arctic tundra are ideal habitats preferred by up to 150 species throughout the

Manitoba in springtime: A birder’s paradise

With three major migration corridors and more than 390 species in the province, Manitoba is a birder’s paradise. The province’s diverse landscape-grasslands, wetlands, sub-arctic and Boreal forest areas-attract a diverse crowd of birds. Spring migration has started so keep your eyes to the skies to

Take a hike: 6 amazing trails in Manitoba

Hiking in Manitoba means you never need to worry about altitude sickness. But that’s not to say the province’s broad, sweeping canvas is bland. Ma Nature painted in tall wild grass prairie, rolling, forested hills, undulating river valleys, vast wetlands and the occasional view-encompassing

Seal River: Beyond Whitewater

Off-the-chart rapids, natural scenic features and incredible wildlife like polar bears, harbour seals and beluga whales make Manitoba’s Seal River an awe-inspiring experience. Only the most intrepid souls make the trip. Seal River paddling photo in header by Eric Lindberg. One of Manitoba’s

Indiana Jones for the day

Meet thousands of frenzied snakes, decipher ancient writing on rock walls, dig for fossils and venture into cavernous depths. Manitoba’s natural wonders match any adventure had by film hero and archaeologist Indiana Jones. World’s largest snake pits Located between the towns of Narcisse and Inwood,

Build it and they will come

The most famous wave of architecture in Winnipeg is evidenced by the turn-of-the-century buildings in the Exchange District. New visitors to this area are awed by the Chicago-style architecture, with their large picture windows and ornamental cornice detailing. The hundreds of buildings in the

Winnipeg’s design and decor mecca

Looking for a contemporary sofa, a circa 1960s teak hutch from Norway or an arborite kitchen table? Winnipeg’s Exchange District is home to some of the city’s top home-decor boutiques and design houses stocking new and refurbished furniture. The district, which is within walking distance of

Icons of Manitoba’s multi-cultural faith

It took a lot of faith for Manitoba’s early pioneers to travel here some two hundred years ago from the European continent, and to survive the rigours of wild, harsh weather, the likes of which they’d never experienced before. As they carved villages and towns out of the wild Prairie and rugged

Flin Flon: Cool mining town with a storied past

Flin Flon has been a a mining centre since Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company (now Hudbay Minerals) started in 1927. But this town, which is buried in the Boreal forest on the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border, is a gem for many more reasons. Here are our top reasons why Flin Flon is unlike any