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Hot this week – December 10 to 16

Whether you're all in this week for saving Christmas, shopping for it, getting pulled along on a sleigh ride, skiing down a slope, seeing a play or performance, here's the where and the what of all that's hot in Manitoba. Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra presents Christmas with The Celtic Tenors

Hot this week – December 3 to 9

It sure is looking wintry outside. After the recent snowfall and just in time for the beginning of December, this seems like all the proof we need that winter is here and it's here to least for a while. Don't let a little snowfall ruin your plans. And if you haven't made any just yet, the

Hot this week – November 26 to December 2

From the theatre scene to the art scene, from the comedy selection to the music repertoires, there is simply such a rich culture and diversity to go around in Manitoba. This week is no different. Here’s just a selection of what’s hot... Get festive at The Forks Market Holiday Bazaar November 30

Hot this week – November 19 to 25

It's a brand new week. Soon the month of November will come to a close and the festivities of December will take hold. Until then, we've got a few activities that will keep you busy. Here’s what’s hot in Manitoba. Head to the Outlet Collection for Black Friday November 23 Outlet Collection,

10 reasons Manitoba is one of the best regions in the world

Header photo:  Cody Fjeldsted Manitoba can sometimes be taken for granted, even overlooked. But for those who have chosen to give the prairie province a chance, they have discovered why Manitoban pride abounds and what makes this place so special. With Manitoba named one of Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel for 2019, you owe it to yourself and your sense of adventure to discover what all the fuss is about and now is as good a time as any. Here are 10 reasons why we’re one of the best regions in the world.

Hot this week – November 13 to 18

Just off of a weekend of remembrance and celebration, this week will be a short one for some of us. But it’s still more than enough time to take in a comedy night here, a play there, or some other event happening in the province. We’ve put together a pretty lengthy list of options for you to choose

Hot this week – November 5 to 12

This weekend marks the commemoration of the Canadian soldiers whose sacrifices led to the liberties and freedom we now enjoy today. Remembrance Day is often one of sombre reflection, but it should also be a day of thoughtful celebration and gratitude for just how far we’ve come. As you go through

Hot this week – October 29 to November 5

Header photo: @duncanhasker It has been a BIG week for Manitoba! Just in case you missed it, our province was named one of the world’s top 10 regions to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet . This recognition of Manitoba sets us apart, and lets the rest of the world see what we already knew all along.

Hot this week – October 22 to 28

Halloween is still more than a week away, but that has hardly stopped adrenaline junkies from seeking out the thrills that lead up to this one-night event. For those looking less for the scare-'em tactics, but still wanting to have every bit of fun that this province can throw their way, Manitoba has an exciting lineup of events that we're pretty sure will make the cut. Here's what's hot in Manitoba.