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Hot this week – June 18 to 24

We’ve had our share of spring showers and they are certainly welcome. After all, how else could we get to enjoy all the greenery flooding our senses at every turn? What makes this week even more ideal for enjoying nature is that it’s also Bike Week . Whether you’re biking to work, or enjoying the

Hot this week – June 11 to 17

This weekend is Father’s Day. And while moms often get all the attention and the love – well much of it anyway – it would be amiss of us to not acknowledge all the great dads out there. This week, we hope you get the royal treatment and have all the stops pulled out for you. There’s even a new bed

Hot this week – June 4 to 10

This week seems to be one just chockfull of fairs and festivals! From Niverville, to Winnipeg, to Brandon, just take your pick! Each one offers its own unique experiences and charms that are sure to appeal in one way or another. For the pizza lovers, get ready! There’s a new culinary week about to

Hot this week – May 28 to June 3

It’s not quite summertime, but oh does it feel like it! Don’t wait another minute to get outdoors. If it hasn’t called your name yet, listen a little closer and not only will you hear the call, but you’ll feel that irresistible and undeniable urge to soak it all up and take it all in. Here’s what’s hot in Manitoba.

Hot this week – May 22 to 27

This week will be a bit of a short one, thanks to the long weekend, which, hopefully, we all took some time to enjoy. And yes, usually a short week means there’s a bit more to get done in a shorter space of time, but hustle and bustle we must, and taking a moment to stop and enjoy a few awesome happenings should also be a must. Here’s what’s hot this week in Manitoba.

Hot this week – May 14 to 21

We’ve got a long weekend coming up, which means that while today may only be Monday, we can still count ourselves lucky. In the build up to May long, people will be gearing up to plant their gardens. The farmers’ markets will soon be bursting with fresh produce and yummy treats, while Indigenous cultures will bring the city and surrounding areas to life in a spirited celebration of the Manito Ahbee Festival. Here’s what’s hot in Manitoba.

Hot this week – May 7 to 13

This weekend is a pretty special one. Not only is it Manitoba’s birthday, it’s also Mother’s Day. We’ve got a few ideas for each of those days and then some for during the week. So we’ll keep this short so you can get to the good stuff. Here’s what’s hot in Manitoba. Spring stay and save All month

Hot this week – April 30 to May 6

What a week we have ahead! There is soooo much going on that there’s really hardly any excuse – at least none that we could come up with – to not feast with all of our senses engaged on what’s hot in Manitoba. And for some reason, this weekend is brimming even more than usual with a host of exciting

Hot this week – April 23 to 29

You know that feeling where after a long day of work you just want to head home and crash? But then you end up vegging out, mindlessly watching the latest episode of whatever’s on TV. We know. We’ve done that too. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending an evening in, there’s usually just that little bit of energy left to do something more. So, this week, we challenge you – and ourselves – to do just that: something more. And just looking at the gorgeous weather after a long winter, we all deserve that something more. With that stated, here’s what’s hot in Manitoba.