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Hey there! My name's Joey, and I'm the Visual Content Specialist for Travel Manitoba. I love sports, culture, and capturing Manitoba moments on my camera. If you have any tips on how to cover that on the blog, give me a shout at!

5 things to do at Asessippi if you’re terrified of skiing

I love to ski. To me, there’s no greater thrill than flying down a mountain at high speeds, weaving in and out of the trees, dipping and diving as your heart rate picks up while you forget about the temperature, speed, wind, and the potential danger that surrounds you. My wife, however, hates to

7 ways to work off that holiday turkey outside in Manitoba

Header photo by: @craspybakon I love the holidays, but we’re three days removed from Christmas and to say I’m feeling the effects would be an understatement. Here’s an inventory of my last three days: Eat all the turkey, stuff myself with stuffing, spell the alphabet with chocolate letters, repeat