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10 restaurants, cafes and bakeries that will make springtime in Manitoba SO MUCH MORE delicious

Header Photo: Hildegard's Bakery by  Wild Thistle Design We love springtime in Manitoba. And you know what? We like to think that spring loves us too. Sunny skies and chirping birds beckon us gently out of our cozy winter abodes as we open our windows to the crisp, pleasant spring air and begin to envision all that the warmer months bring to the province. It's an exciting time. If you are ready to enter the season of new beginnings, start with trying each of these 10 restaurants, cafes and bakeries that will make springtime in Manitoba that much more delicious! 

Where, when and how to see northern lights in Churchill, Manitoba

What does it feel like to see the northern lights dance above you in the remote subarctic? Many have described the experience as a humbling one; an awe-inspiring event that leaves one feeling so, so small in the grand scheme of our magnificent universe. And yet, in that moment of humility, there may also be an overwhelming sense of significance. Therein lies the magic of the aurora borealis. 

Your next vacation is at a research station in the wilds of Manitoba's subarctic

If your idea of a vacation tends to deviate from the norm of beach-lazing days, it’s time to clue into a total gem right here in Manitoba. The Churchill Northern Studies Centre is a real life, operational research center located 30 minutes outside of the town of Churchill. By welcoming both scientists and curious tourists into its barracks, it's also an affordable and completely unique way to experience the north. 

Must-see-um madness: Snow Lake Mining Museum wins!

How was the final round, you ask? Utter madness! 😱 It was an all-nighter as Minnedosa Museum & Heritage Village fought hard and true, but with a margin of only 16 (yes 16!) votes, Snow Lake Mining Museum is officially our Must-see-um Madness Champion ! CONGRATULATIONS! 🙌🙌🙌 So what is a

Must-see-um Madness: championship round

After two weeks of fierce competition, we've made it to the final round at last. Let's take a closer look at our championship round Must-see-ums... Snow Lake Mining Museum Located in the small northern town of Snow Lake, this Manitoba Star Attraction speaks to the history of one of the major

Must-see-um madness: final four

With only four museums remaining, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty in our Must-see-um Madness competition. Let's take a look at which lucky museums squeezed their way into the next round... As the (now) sole representation for northern Manitoba, the Snow Lake Mining Museum will dig deep to

Must-see-um Madness: elite eight

After an intense, nail-biter of a weekend, leaders have emerged as victorious in each of our Must-see-um categories. Let's take a look at the results: As home to former Manitoba premier Sir Hugh John Macdonald, the Dalnavert Museum proved its weight in votes and dominated the House of History

Must-see-um Madness: sweet sixteen

Oh round one, you sure did take our museum-loving hearts for a wild ride. We watched with anticipation as competing Must-see-ums fought for their life by rallying fans and supporters from across the province. The results are in: In our Houses of History bracket, Dalnavert Museum rolled up in true