Comme au bon vieux temps, Hé Ho !

Si on demande à des Manitobains, francophones ou anglophones, quel est l’événement incontournable de l’année, ils répondront d’une seule voix : Le Festival du Voyageur. Croyez-moi, j’ai fait l’expérience à mon arrivée à Winnipeg. Après plusieurs festivals, je dois dire qu’ils avaient bien raison.

10 spots to break out the skates this winter

Header photo courtesy @lindsayhsomers We all know that The Forks is the place everyone goes to get their skate on. And for good reason! It’s at the most visited spot in the city, and that’s by locals and tourists alike. It’s one of the longest and best-maintained skating trails in the country, we

Hot this week – February 19 to 24

Last week, we celebrated the return of winter festivals for the season with the likes of Festival du Voyageur, which celebrates its 50th year. But that hardly means that we’ ve seen the last of them, but this week, there are also a few film festivals happening. Of course films and winter festivals

These date ideas will keep you busy every month in Manitoba

Header photo by Vanessa Mayberry via Brittany R. Whether you're a Tinder professional or someone in a longterm relationship, it's time to crank your dating game up a notch. No matter the month in Manitoba, there are an abundance of ways to get out and about and enjoy some quality time with your loved one. Some of these aren't necessarily month-specific, but we've organized them as such to give you go-to ideas for every month of the year. Here we go!

Hot this week – February 11 to 18

It has been a bit frigid this past while, no question about that. But with temperatures set to rise a little, there’s nothing like a winter festival to draw the crowds. This weekend, Festival du Voyageur begins. And to add to that chaleur , it just happens to be Valentine’s this week. This, we hope, will put you in the right frame to enjoy what’s hot in Manitoba.

Hot this week – February 4 to 10

Another new week and we’ve got another round of events waiting for you. There’s absolutely no need to find yourself anywhere else if you’re all about a good time. From wintry escapades to get you out and about, to soulful dining to get you warmed up for your next adventure, here’s what’s hot in