9 Things to Do in Manitoba If You're An Introvert

Posted November 27, 2018 | Author Nisha Tuli

Chances are you know someone in your life who's an introvert. Or maybe you are one yourself. Maybe you seek solitude. Maybe you're looking for open spaces without too many people.

Woman looking out the window at the northern lights

You might like activities that allow you to retreat into silence. Sometimes you might want to be completely alone, but sometimes you're okay if a friend or two tags along--you're not totally opposed to other people--most of the time. The good news is Manitoba, with its wide open spaces and endless skies, is a perfect retreat for someone seeking an introvert's getaway or even just an afternoon of (almost) solitude.

1. Go Camping

There are few things that take you out of the bustle of life more than heading out for a camping trip. Do a little glamping in an oTENTik in Riding Mountain National Park or a yurt in Clearwater Lake Provincial Park. Of course, there is no shortage of camping sites and parks throughout the province where you can pitch a tent, light a fire, crack a cold one and enjoy the contemplation of your existence under the night sky.

2. Stargaze

Done best away from the lights of the city, stargazing is the perfect retreat for introverts. Find a park, a dock or even just a roadside service stop outside the city and turn your head heavenwards. No talking necessary. The show above will speak for itself.

3. Go To Churchill

Head to a spot where the wildlife outnumbers the humans by a hefty margin. In summer, the Churchill River teems with thousands of playful beluga whales you can kayak or standup paddle board with. In fall, take in the migration of the majestic polar bear as it makes it way to Cape Churchill for the winter freeze up. The town itself boasts only 900 souls and in every direction you look, the eye travels for miles across tundra inhabited only by the furry, four legged creatures who call this place home.

4. Take yourself for dinner

Dining in a cozy and quiet spot is a perfect retreat for the introvert heading out solo or with a dining companion. With a plethora of choice in Winnipeg and beyond, there's never a shortage of intimate spots to fill your belly. We've picked out a few for you in the photos above.

5. Spend a day at Thermea

There's nothing more tranquil than a day at the spa. Soak, steam and scrub amongst the saunas, pools and relaxation areas of Thermea. The perfect way to spend a day alone, there is even a no loud talking rule in place, ensuring your visit stays on the quiet side.

6. Go Shopping

Few activities lend themselves better to a quiet day of solitude better than a day of hitting the shops. You can go where you want, when you want and take as long as you need hemming and hawing over that perfect pair of shoes. Head to the Exchange District for locally owned boutiques featuring a variety of locally made crafts and decor. Osborne Village is the place to hit for indie clothing shops, while boutiques scattered on Academy and Sherbrook also worthy of a look.

7. Head to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Winnipeg sign lit in purple in front of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights at sunset.
Photo by Bill Bennett

With its message of hope and humanity, the CMHR is a place best enjoyed in quiet contemplation. Start in the darkness of the subterranean basement level as you work your way up through galleries featuring human rights knowledge from Canada and around the world. Take in the Indigenous gallery, Holocaust gallery and genocide gallery as you discover how people are making a difference to ensure a brighter future for all.

8. Go North

Northern Manitoba is resplendent in its untouched wilderness and remoteness. Just south of of the Nunavut border lies Ganglers North Seal Wilderness Lodge. Accessible only by planes and miles away from any sort of convenient civilization, out here it's easy to feel like you and your fellow guests are the only ones in the world. Explore the sand eskers, paddle the rivers, catch a fish, steer a kayak or take a ride on a fat tire bike in areas where few humans have ever tread.

9. Hunt for Northern Lights

You don't need to go far to find northern lights in Manitoba when the conditions are right. Visible as far south as Winnipeg, when the sky lights up, all you need to do is stand up and watch in wonder.

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