8 Manitoba museums you might want to steal from (but obviously, you shouldn't)

Posted November 09, 2018 | Author Nisha Tuli

Let's face it, the items found in museums can be pretty cool. Things are old, beautiful, handcrafted, shiny and contain stories of the past. It's sometime hard not to wander through a space and wish you could have that amazing painting hanging on the wall in your own living room. With that idea in mind, we rounded up a few Manitoba museums with stuff so cool, you might want to take it for your very own.

We hope this goes without saying--don't steal from museums. We're just having a little fun here. Don't be that person, okay?

1. The Royal Canadian Mint

This one seems pretty obvious. The place is full of shiny coins producing currency from all over the world. The highlight of course is the real gold bar, resplendent in its ability to make you go, 'oooh, I want that'. You can't take pics inside due to security issues, so here are some beautiful pictures of the striking building. And trust us, a tour of the inner workings of this facility is worth a visit.

2. Sam Waller Museum

This quirky museum is home to many curiosities and artifacts about the life and history of northern Manitoba. Take in strange curios like a two headed goat and a squirrel toasting to your good health, along with more weighty exhibits that outline the early geology, history and customs of the area. The thing we'd like to take home for ourselves? Five pairs of fleas dressed up in clothing... that's right--this is one you have to see to believe. (Not pictured, because quite frankly, they're too tiny.)

3. Manitoba Antique Automobile Museum

Located in Elkhorn, near the western border, this is the spot for gear heads to gather to goggle over their collection of vintage cars from the 1920s and beyond. Take in a Marmon Sixteen, a Clipper and a Buick from 1921. The sweet ride we've got our eyes on has to be the 1976 Jaguar V-12--we'd thing we'd make a pretty good looking figure cruising down the Trans Canada in this machine.

4. Dalnavert Museum

Located in downtown Winnipeg, this Victorian home turned museum is one of the most beautiful spots in the province. Set up to look like a real Victorian home, the rooms are filled with beautiful furniture, textiles, decor and knick knacks. Basically, we just want to have the whole thing and live here permanently, but the item that really caught our eye is the 150 year old crown hat pin on display. Think how good that would look adorned on you on during your next afternoon tea.

5. Pembina Thresherman's Museum

This quaint spot located between Winkler and Morden is less a museum than it is a living diorama. Make your way through the various buildings and see what life was like on the prairies in the early 1900s. Be sure to head to Brimberly Village, the museum's newest installation where an entire neighbourhood created by hand lives. Head to the barber shop, the wedding dress shop or the laundromat and get a taste of history. And while we're there, we can't help but dream about that beautiful wood stove sitting in the corner of our own living rooms.

6. Itsanitaq Museum

Located in the polar bear capital of the world--Churchill--this tiny museum is well worth a visit. The space may be small, but it's packed with stunning art pieces carved from stone, bone and other materials found on the tundra. Some are barely the size of your fingernail and depict life in the north and its people. The trinket we'd like to keep for ourselves? That cute little walrus partaking in the most Canadian of past times.

Itsanitaq Museum figurines of people, polar bears, and igloos.

7. Manitoba Museum

One of the biggest museums in the province, this treasure trove is full of the history, artifacts and stories that helped shaped Manitoba and the province it is today. Take a walk through their natural history galleries, take in a star show at the planetarium and challenge young minds at the science. Obviously, what we want is the Nonsuch--in our backyard-- as the coolest play structure ever.

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