7 ways to work off that holiday turkey outside in Manitoba

Posted December 28, 2019 | Author Joey Traa

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I love the holidays, but we’re three days removed from Christmas and to say I’m feeling the effects would be an understatement. Here’s an inventory of my last three days: Eat all the turkey, stuff myself with stuffing, spell the alphabet with chocolate letters, repeat with leftovers, sleep for days.

Sound familiar?

If you’re like me, you're going to need a kick in the pants (you know, the ones that no longer fit), to get out and at em to work that turkey off. With you turkey terminators in mind, we’ve got 7 ways to work off your turkey outdoors in Manitoba!

Climb some ice

There are plenty of ways to check out the beautiful skyline of downtown Winnipeg, but by far the coolest way to do it is to climb a wall of ice. Winnipeg's ice climbing tower in Saint Boniface is one of the coolest winter activities we have, and it's a safe bet to help you work off that Christmas baking. Strap on your alpine boots (which they provide), grab your ice tools and conquer one of the sweetest climbing walls you've ever seen.

Check out the website for more details

Go cross country skiing

Manitoba may not be known for its elevation, but you don’t need a full-out mountain to get a full-body workout on a pair of skis! Manitoba’s a prime place to cross-country ski, with groomed trails all throughout the province featuring fun dips and dives, and plenty of tough straightaways to get your heart-rate up and your calories burning. A couple of our favourites include the Windsor Park Nordic Centre in Saint Boniface, and the wooden trails of Pinawa in the Whiteshell.

Check out a list of cross country ski trails here

Sharpen your skates and hit the ice

Nobody does ice skating like Manitoba. As you might know, the Red River Mutual Trail holds the Guinness World Record for the longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world. And while the river's not quite ready for the full trail just yet, there's still a wonderful trail at The Forks which weaves in and out of the area that's good to go! On a cold winters night, sometimes a picturesque scene is all the motivation you need to go outside - so if you're not doing it for the calories, at least get out and do it for the gram, as there are pretty lights and art pieces all throughout to keep you entertained and energized.

There's no shoes like snow shoes

If regular walking doesn't get your heart rate up, strap on a pair of snow shoes and you'll be certain to break a sweat. The beauty of snow shoeing is that where there's snow, there's snow shoeing, and you can basically do it wherever your heart desires. But if a blind adventure isn't your thing, Manitoba's full of snow shoeing hubs to help keep you on track. Pro tip: Take a trip down to FortWhyte Alive and travel down the path to their bison enclosure for maximum scenery during your workout.

Learn to run in the winter

When it comes to running in the winter, it's easier said than done. What do I wear? What if I get too cold? Isn't it slippery? Running's hard enough as it is in the summer...

That's why the Winter Learn to Run program at The Forks exists – to help you realize that anyone can be a runner...even in the winter. The program runs twice a week at The Forks, where you'll receive training tips, techniques, and more, alongside a community of new runners to help you stay motivated all throughout the winter. It's the perfect opportunity to develop a new habit to not only to burn off the turkey, but set yourself up for a healthy and active winter down the road.

Click here for registration and more info

Hit the slopes at Asessippi

Very few things make your thighs burn like a full day of skiing or snowboarding. Asessippi has over 25 downhill runs to choose from, ranging from beginner to expert-level difficulty that hits the spot for every rider. The only problem with this option is you'll have to arrive full of willpower to not indulge in the fantastic food featured at the Powder Keg Pub once your day at the slopes is done.

Go for a winter walk

You may not get a sun burn while walking on a winter day in Manitoba, but you can definitely burn some calories! There are so many beautiful trails to walk in Manitoba, which is handy if your neighbourhood doesn't provide the scenic inspiration you need to get out and active. Try heading down to Oak Hammock Marsh, which includes over 30km of walking trails to help make a dent on the damage done this holiday season. This list only scratches the surface, so go out there and explore what's out there for yourself! And in whatever you do, remember: There's no such thing as cold weather, only unsuitable clothing!

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