30 insanely delicious sweets and where to find them

Posted May 25, 2016 | Author Travel Manitoba

Sometimes you just gotta satisfy those sweet, sweet cravings. Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to TREAT YO’ SELF this summer at one (or more!) of Manitoba’s many bakeries, sweet boutiques and ice cream shops.

Lakehouse Icecream

Here are 30 incredibly tasty treats that will make you drool…


A l’Epi de Ble

You need to try these. Trust me. Little discs of happiness.

Ten Twenty Seven

A pink lemonade macaron is totally the perfect summer refreshment!


High Tea Bakery

Good enough for the Queen, good enough for me. High Tea’s imperials are morsels of goodness.

Einfeld’s Bakery

Do yourself a favour, go to this charmer of a bakery in that charmer of a cottage community, Victoria Beach.

Sweet Impressions

Cookies that smile back at you are actually the best.

Cookie sandwiches

Jenna Rae Cakes

Jenna Rae’s cookie sandwiches are seriously legit. Sometimes they come with delicious surprises in the middle. Like tiny pieces of peanut butter marshmallow squares! 💯

Pinky’s Bakeshop

Ice cream squished between giant macarons?! *drool* 😍😍😍

Lake House Ice Cream Shop

Cornell Cream’s Lemon Meringue ice cream rolled in pistachios and sandwiched between two ginger snaps. Oh heck to the yes!


Gypsy’s Bakery

Mmmm… donuts.

Mmmmm… more donuts.

Oh Doughnuts

Mmmmmm… so many donuts.

Arborg Bakery

Mmmmmmm… you donuts are killing me.


Baked Expectations

Keep calm and eat all the cakes!

Doener Grill Express

A Toffifee cake?! C’mon!!!


Lilac Bakery

The buttercream icing to cake ratio is on point here.


Le Beau Café & Fudgerie
I’ll have two of Root Beer float anything. Oh, and Le Beau has tons of homemade fudge.

The French Way Café

The tastiest fruit is always framed by pastry. It’s a fact.


Lady of the Lake

Did someone say pie?

Goodies Bake Shop

One does not simply…eat only one piece of pie. Especially one that looks like this.

Shut Ur Pie Hole

Tiny pies are perfect treats between pie.

Cinnamon rolls

La Belle Baguette

I like gooey cinnamon buns and I cannot lie!


Sleepy Owl Bread

Savoury alert! Sleepy Owl makes the ultimate savoury danishes.


Roll Cake Bakery & Dessert Inc.

Whatever “Egglfe” means, I’m so down.

Ice cream

The Kiln

Good luck, kid.

The Bridge Drive In

Oh, BDI, you saucy little waffle cone, did you think you wouldn’t make the list? Impossible! You’re an institution.

Alright, which one are you getting first? Did we forget one of your favourite sweets or shops? Let us know in the comments!

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