20 owl photos that will brighten your day

Posted April 16, 2020 | Author Breanne Sewards

Photo by Irene Moore

Header photo by Irene Moore

Hoo doesn't love owls? Whether you consider owls to be majestic, cute, mysterious or even a little eerie - there's no doubt that they are one of the most amazing creatures found in Manitoba. Here are 20 of our favourite owl photos that might just make you smile.

1. Two peas in a pod

What's better than one owl in a tree cavity? TWO owls in a tree cavity.

2. This owl offering a side quest

An incredible adventure awaits, should you accept.

3. The most charming owl on Earth

Why do we get the feeling this owl knows something we don't?

4. Master of disguise

Now you see me, now you don't.

5. Impeccable balance

Cirque du Soleil called. They want their owl back.

6. Manitoba's official bird: the grey owl.

The grey owl has been our provincial bird emblem since 1987.

7. Blinded by the light

He's a big Springsteen fan.

8. Meditative moment

We can all aspire to achieve this level of zen.

9. Koko the Owl at Souris Bridge

Koko the Owl might just be Manitoba's top owl influencer.

10. Always remember to stretch

Wow - this grey owlet has an impressive wingspan already.

11. Expert level hygge

You wish you could be this cozy.

12. Inquisition level 100

Answer this owl's riddle and be permitted to pass.

13. A chance encounter

Play nice, you two.

14. The most hypnotic of eyes

Stare deeply into my eyes. You are getting very sleepy.

15. The perfect take-off

Please stay seated until the captain has turned off the fasten seatbelt sign.

16. The cutest of owl feet

We learn something new every day. Today, it's that owl feet are adorable.

17. This unimpressed owl

You're going to have to do something more exciting if you want to impress this owl.

18. An owl who certainly is about to deliver your letter to Hogwarts

I've been waiting for 17 years to receive my letter, how about you?

19. This beauty shot

Hoot have thought that owls would be so photogenic?

20. Hover owl

Feast your eyes on the owl of the future.

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