13 furry and four-legged friends who might be momming it better than you are this week

Posted May 09, 2019 | Author Nisha Tuli

It's almost mother's day and of course, that makes us all think of the things our moms do for us (and have to put up with). But there's a wide world of moms out there who are doing this thing without the help of iPads and meal delivery.

And that's the moms of the wild--they do have that local organic produce thing going though--but it's clear that with their exclusive breastfeeding, offspring who can walk within hours, and ability kill their baby's food ensuring there are absolutely NO preservatives, they've got this momming thing down. Here are 13 times these moms of the wild might be momming better than you this week:

1. That time this mom played Hide n' Go seek before he old enough to understand what 'hide' means.

2. That time this mom relented and said okay to playing in the freshly fallen snow despite it being bed time.

3. Or this mom who has a level 5 clinger on her hands.

4. This mom who shouted 'stop fighting, you two!', 4096 times that day.

5. This mom who can hear the sound of a bottle of rose for girls night popping from a mile away.

6. This kid who won't get off his mom's back.

7. Or this one whose got all her children... somewhere.

8. This mom who begged her kid to stand still for literally a second to get a perfect sunset Instagram shot.

9. And this one who is ready to get "because, I said so" tattooed on her forehead.

10. This mom who just. Wants. A. Nap.

11. This mom wondering why these two can't go bother their father instead.

12. This kid who refuses to walk. Ever.

13. And finally, this mom: aka everyone's bed.

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