8 ways to get cozy in Manitoba if you secretly wish you could wear your pajamas to work every day

Posted November 03, 2017 | Author Nisha Tuli

Two people sitting at Quarry Park on a fall day, pouring coffee into a thermos
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It’s okay, you can admit it. You’re just the cozy type and if your boss would let you, you’d totally wear your jammies in to the office every day. Summer has now officially turned into fall, winter knocks, and it’s even more tempting to ensconce yourself in all things soft, fluffy and cuddly. As the trees begin to bare their branches and snow lingers in the forecast, we are reminded of crackling fires, warm sweaters and mugs of steaming coffee. Luckily, you don’t have to risk your employment status to get into the cozy spirit.

Here are a few ways for you to get cozy in Manitoba.

Flickering flames

Nothing screams cozy like the crackle of a fire. Manitoba is home to countless candle makers offering unique scents, cool packaging and quirky names to light up your fall.

Shifting seasons

Whether it’s the changing of the leaves or watching soft snowflakes fall, there is nothing cozier than the year’s colder months. Canopies of red, orange and brown cover the sky in fall, while blankets of pure white cover the ground in winter making for stunning scenery all over the province.

Steamy mugs

Sipping something warm is the ultimate way to cozy up those insides on a cool fall day. Head into one of numerous hip, funky coffee spots for a cup of joe, mug of tea or bowl of hot chocolate.

Furry footwear

Nothing beats the cold like warm feet and you can’t go wrong with a pair of Manitoba made mukluks. The traditional Indigenous footwear combines leather, fur and beading to create a truly gorgeous winter staple for any cozy wardrobe.

Cozy cuisine

Bread, pasta, gravy, cheese, soup, burgers, poutine, perogies–all words that are synonymous with stick-to-your-ribs-thank-goodness-I-won’t-be-visiting-a-beach-for-a-while fare. Check out the thousands of restaurants across the province for your delicious path to cozy.

Self-care spas

Cozy up into a snuggly bathrobe and enjoy bliss at a spa. Soak in a warm pool, get kneaded and massaged or just put up your feet by a toasty fire and savour the season.

Awesome abodes

Whether it’s a bed and breakfast, remote log cabin in the woods or even a lodge on wheels, it’s hard not to feel cozy tucked up in these places. So go ahead and kick off your shoes, sit down by the fire and cocoon in.

Sumptuous sweets

The way to warm anyone’s heart is through the stomach and there’s no surer way than with sugar, butter and icing. Check out talented bakers across the province who are dishing out the ultimate in cozy comfort food like flaky cinnamon rolls, creamy cupcakes and buttery scones.

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