10 things to do in Manitoba: September 26 to October 2

Posted September 23, 2022 | Author Desiree Rantala

Autumn colours and fall suppers. September, where has it gone? There is still so much to see and do and often in ways that we may not naturally think of. Challenge, reflect, attend, experience, and learn. These are words to describe this weeks 10 things to do in Manitoba!

1. challenge the way you think

Canadian Museum for Human Rights | Winnipeg
Until October 16

There's one month left to see Behind Racism: Challenging the way we think at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The free exhibition scientifically explores racist behaviours; it was developed in partnership by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and Ontario Science Centre. In Winnipeg only until October 16!

2. reflect on reconciliation

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
Sept 30

September 30th is a day of mourning, remembrance, and reflection on truth and reconciliation for Indigenous communities. The Manitoba Museum and the Winnipeg Art Gallery, among many other organizations and institutions in Manitoba will be offering special programming on this day.

3. revel in autumn colours of the north

Tundra Inn | Churchill

This September, step away from the crowds of peak tour season and explore the northern landscape of Churchill as you’ve never imagined it before. As the tundra transitions to warm autumnal hues dotted with plump berries, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this unique town and the warm, welcoming hospitality of the Tundra Inn!

4. Attend a fall supper

Various Locations

Harvest time on the prairies means Manitoba’s oldest culinary tradition comes alive: the fall supper! From mid-September to mid-November, rural churches and community halls open their doors and offer buffets of down-home cooking, served with a side of Manitoba’s famous hospitality. Manitoba fall suppers are a food scene that are cooler than you think!

5. see a sunset gooseflight

FortWhyte Alive | Winnipeg
Sept 21 - Oct 23

Take in the sounds of the season and watch the sky come to life as thousands of geese land after sunset in this breathtaking autumn ritual - a must see Manitoba experience. Make a night of it with hatchet throwing, giant games, and a delicious selection of food trucks each week! There's nothing quite magical like a sunset goose flight at FortWhyteAlive.

6. experience a planetarium show

MB Museum Planetarium. Dark outer space with stars. Silhouette of large telescope.

Manitoba Museum | Winnipeg

With shows running six days a week, experience a show like no other at the Manitoba Museum Planetarium. Using state of the art technology, the Planetarium offers a 360º show view, educating on varying topics from science and history to culture and connection. Planetarium shows are 45 minutes long and are suitable for a variety of ages.

7. cultivate art, culture, and creativity

Various Locations

Arts and creative expression are, and always have been, part of everyday life in Manitoba. Culture Days is an opportunity to celebrate cultural expression and creativity in our lives as artists, audience, patrons, and participants. Culture Days Manitoba is a non-profit organization that facilitates opportunities for all Manitobans to engage with arts and culture. We produce the annual Nuit Blanche Winnipeg event, a free exploration and celebration of contemporary art. Everyone is encouraged to rediscover their city, their community, and their province as they explore the full range of Culture Days activities!

8. spend a weekend in the wheat city

Brandon Tourism


Go beyond the City of Brandon's agricultural heritage and discover a new world. With an under-the-radar arts and culture scene that’s totally worth planning a weekend getaway to explore, an emerging downtown, retreats in nature, and the undeniable delicious eats, you gotta go! Looking to learn more? Check out How To Weekend in the Wheat City.

9. get greased

Celebrations Dinner Theatre | Winnipeg
Sept 23 - Nov 13

Oh the 1950’s.. Malt shops and sock hops, hula hoops and hot rods. There were jocks and the squares, goodie two shoes and cheerleaders. And yes of course, those leather jacket drag racers who had more grease in their hair than the engines. Go back to a time when life seemed simpler, with Greased! Tap your toes and laugh with an all-time great nostalgia trip. All of your favourite rock and roll classics of the 50’s are queued up and ready to go.

10. learn about the culture of hutterite colonies

MHC Gallery | Winnipeg
600 Shaftesbury Blvd

Tim Smith uses photography to document the breadth and complexity of the Hutterite experience as well as to show how colonies navigate the need to respond to the external pressures of the world around them while holding on to key traditions central to their faith. In The World, But Not Of It, provides a contemporary and nuanced view of Hutterite colonies—delving into complex decisions at the heart of the everyday. Many of the images focus on the youth culture in the colonies, where expressions of rebellion, respect for tradition, and maintenance of strict gender roles all create a sense of dual resistance.

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