10 things to do in Manitoba: August 8 to 14

Posted August 05, 2022 | Author Desiree Rantala

There's something to be said about time-travelling and how we all wish we had a Tardis in our pocket. The beautiful thing about exploring and trying new things, is that you can experience being and going somewhere different in an instant! You hear the sound of drums and you're at a spiritual gathering, you smell sweet spices and you're in a cultural culinary kitchen, you feel water splashing on your face in the pool and you're in the tropics, or you see a painting and imagine you are right there in that moment, with the artist. Here are 10 things to do this week in Manitoba that can transport you to different places and moments in time.

1. canoe caddy lake

Whiteshell Provincial Park | Caddy Lake

Water levels have finally lowered, revealing the Caddy Lake Tunnels in Whiteshell Provincial Park. The tunnels are safe for traveling through once again. Discover the unique adventure of passing under the Precambrian shield, leading you to still waters and peaceful islands beyond. Here are three canoe routes in the Whiteshell to explore, for every comfort level.

2. bite into a backdoor burger

Alleyway between the Fairmont and Richardson Building | Winnipeg

Eating burgers from the backdoor of a building...? Trade in YIKES for YUM at this secret burger spot in Downtown Winnipeg. Doors open every Thursday at 11:30 AM with new and tasty burgers being created every week from the Fairmont Hotel. Served with house kettle chips and a drink, there are also vegetarian and vegan options available. Try something different this week with a backdoor burger.

3. take a dip at the delta

Delta Hotel | Winnipeg
350 St. Mary Ave

From now until September 5th enjoy a staycation for a unique dip at the Delta Hotel, where all guest rooms receive access to their unique rooftop pool! Check out chiq rooms with a view, sun bathe on their gorgeous rooftop patio, sip on a smoothie, or savor a snack at the pool side bar. Water wings and water bottles, optional!

4. discover your inner warrior

There is no better feeling than the deep breaths and stretching of yoga. Looking to relax and mend your mind? Here are two different yoga opportunities available next week.

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society • Assiniboine Park
Aug 11 • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Forest Bathing & Mindfulness Workshop

Be guided through a beginner-friendly yoga session and mindfulness meditation with a focus on connecting to nature and releasing tension. Practice mindful walking as you connect to your senses to explore beauty within Assiniboine Park.

Downtown Winnipeg BIZ • Memorial Park & Manitoba Legislative Grounds
Mondays & Thursdays • 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM
Outdoor Yoga

Fitness in the Park offers an exciting lineup of free lunch hour fitness classes five days a week, with Yoga classes held twice a week. This is a great opportunity to get outdoors and move your body with downtown fitness providers!

5. roar with the dinosaurs

Dinosaurs UnCovered | Assiniboine Park Zoo

There are only a few weeks left to visit Dinosaurs UnCovered at the Assiniboine Park Zoo! Stroll down the outdoor trail and get up close to life-size animatronic dinosaurs, or head inside to see spectacular skeletons, fossils, and more. The dinos are around until September 5th.

6. step into a starry night

Beyond Van Gogh | RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg

An immersive experience like nothing you've seen before. You know him, you've seen his work, and now, the opportunity to step into his world. Introducing, Beyond Van Gogh! This breathtaking installation comes to life with 300 pieces of artwork, an original sound score, and is a mesmerizing moment for any art goer. Step into past times of famous paintings, colors, nature, and learn about Van Gogh's journey of health, happiness and heartbreak.

7. have fun at the fairgrounds

Winkler Harvest Festival | Winkler
Aug 12-14

The Winkler Harvest Festival is back for another year of fun at the Winkler Fairgrounds. Head on down to enjoy a weekend of great food, thrills, and entertainment. The excitement includes Midway rides by Wonder Shows, a parade, musical performances, a children's entertainment area, fireworks, and more! Mini donuts... don't forget the mini donuts!

8. taste canada's best ice cream

Chaeban Ice Cream | Winnipeg
390 Osborne Street

Manitoba-made ice cream company Chaeban, has brought home the title of Best Ice Cream in Canada from the 2022 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair! Placing in all four ice cream categories, Chaeban received first place for Rocky Ricardo in the "chocolate with inclusions" category, and their famous Salty Carl won first in the "other" category, along with the title of grand champion! You can find Chaeban on Osborne or in the freezer aisles of grocery stores across Manitoba and Canada. Pick up a pint or visit them in store for a "gotta eat it right away" scoop experience!

9. get to know nellie

Nellie McLung Home | Manitou
Aug 5

Visit the only two of Nellie McClung's homes in Canada that are open to visitors! Manitoba's most famous home, according to Reader's Digest, is the McClung House in Manitou. Explore Nellie's family home where so much of what she achieved, as a women's rights champion, began! Call ahead to book your tour by appointment and partake in a full-time tour.

10. travel the world in manitoba

Folklorama | Winnipeg
Jul 31 - Aug 13

You're among friends and family at Folklorama! With over 24 pavilions to choose from, there is another week of culture, song, dance, and entertainment waiting for you. Pick up a yellow Folklorama travel guide for more information about accessibility, pavilion locations, amenities, and dietary accommodations! This year experience Folklorama by walking, cycling, or with a VIP bus tour. How will you be travelling to Folklorama?

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