Got stamina? Challenge yourself on a 65-kilometre trail system that snakes up and down hills and through forests of ash, birch, poplar and Manitoba maple trees.

The 184-square-kilometre Turtle Mountain Provincial Park rolls 245 metres up out of the Prairie, making it an ideal destination for mountain bikers. 

Take a horseback ride along trails that reveal a crazy-quilt of chokecherry trees, high-bush cranberries and bushes heavy with saskatoon berries in season. Look for a beaver lodge and learn about the iconic animal's vital role in shaping the ecosystem.

Climb to the top of The Turtle's Back Tower, go windsurfing, paddle a canoe and drop a line in one of the park's lakes, some of which are stocked with fish to keep the anglers reeling them in.

You'll find basic camping at William Lake and Max Lake campgrounds. Need an electrical hookup? Head to the Adam Lake campground.


Turtle Mountain Provincial Park