Travel Trade group shot

The past few months have been busy for Travel Manitoba's travel trade team and international market representatives as they aim to get Manitoba tourism products into the inventories of travel agents and tour operators.

Travel Manitoba, along with other provincial tourism marketing agencies and the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) have teamed up for a series of sponsored partnerships at 2015 tourism marketplaces. The first was the United States Tour Operators Association Annual Conference & Marketplace, where the CTC and the participating provinces hosted a Canada booth at the evening networking event. The sponsorship gave each province the opportunity to present a short branded video and host a breakfast table to spend time with tour operators in attendance. Travel Manitoba also facilitated 9 meetings and found five new leads.

The second shared sponsorship was the National Tour Association's Travel Exchange Marketplace. Travel Manitoba, along with eight other provinces, one territory and the CTC sponsored the all-delegate opening ceremony, where Canada videos were shown and spoken-word artist Shane Koyczan performed. This breakfast was a great opportunity to showcase Canada as a group; all of the Canadian delegates in attendance were a part of the welcome team which led to a very positive conference experience and appointments. Travel Manitoba held 16 appointments and found four leads.

Travel Manitoba's efforts to reach the travel trade overseas continue with First PR in the U.K. as well as with a new German sales agent, Denkzauber. Denkzauber represents Travel Manitoba's interests in Germany, holding travel trade training sessions and sending newsletters to travel agents and tour operators, hosting travel media events and appointments, as well as working with tour operators to feature Manitoba in their publications and at consumer shows. German tour company SK Touristik's Canada Days were well attended as 2,100 consumers attended the event and travel counselling at the Travel Manitoba booth was required< non-stop. The first bookings due to this event have already been placed.

Travel Manitoba's travel trade team will be a part of these events:


 Educational Travel Conference     Boston, MA   February 17-20, 2015 
 France Sales Mission  Paris & Lyon  April 13-16, 2015
 Rendez-vous Canada   Niagara Falls, ON  May 26-30, 2015
 CTC Megafam  Southern Manitoba   September 9-15, 2015
 Showcase Canada Asia  Shenyang, China   October 18-23, 2015
 USTOA Annual Conference  Chicago, IL   December 2-5, 2015


For more information on Travel Manitoba's travel trade activities, contact Dené Sinclair, manager of global travel trade relations.