DC Look Up

Armed with a new name and $30,000,000 from the federal government over the next three years, the former Canadian Tourism Commission, now called Destination Canada, is returning to the US consumer market. And Travel Manitoba is joining the national tourism marketing organization in the pilot program. 

There has been no better time for Destination Canada and Travel Manitoba to return to US consumer marketing:

  • low Canadian dollar = 12.5% gain in US consumer purchasing power
  • record number - 46% - of Americans hold a passport
  • 15 million Americans considering Canada for their next trip 


The US pilot program, called "Follow the Global Customer" will use integrated data and predictive analysis to deliver high potential customers to partners. The digital campaign will tie into the "Look Up" campaign on Canada.travel and use owned, paid and earned media to create excitement and engagement with targeted US travellers. 

"The best thing we can do is send you customers who have raised their hands, people who have seen our content, and people who look like those people who haven't even seen our content, but are likely to be engaged," said Jon Mamela, Destination Canada's Chief Marketing Officer. 

Travel Manitoba and our partners will then complete the loop by driving that customer to buy. Travel Manitoba will target the California market with the polar bear viewing experience this fall, and then in early 2016, target the Minneapolis and Chicago markets for fishing.

Another Destination Canada pilot program that Travel Manitoba is partnering on takes aim at another key international market: Germany. The program will look to make Canada more top of mind with German Authentic Experiencers and Cultural Explorers. Germany is known to be a digitally savvy nation, and a major consumer trend in Germany is to research online and purchase offline. This pilot program will see a German YouTube personality and an Instagrammer visit the province to see beluga whales, polar bears, and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights this summer and fall. 

For more updates on Travel Manitoba's partnership with Destination Canada, watch upcoming issues of Travel Currents