Travel Manitoba gained over 20,000 new Instagram followers in 2015 and our engagement rates (the number of times our followers interacted with our posts) went up by 375%! We have followed some simple steps to find success on Instagram:

  1. Focus on quality over quantity. Instagram is a platform where top quality images reign. Current, relevant and impressive photos, whether your own or someone else’s, will help increase your Instagram engagement. Aim for about five posts a week.
  2. Ask permission to share other people’s photos. Not a photographer? No problem, there are lots of people who are. The majority of posts on Travel Manitoba’s Instagram feed are taken by professional and amateur photographers who do not work for Travel Manitoba. Our active community tags their photos with #ExploreMB and we ask their permission to share their photos. This is an excellent way to gather images to post on your feed as well as connect with and widen your audience.
  3. Tag and caption appropriately. There are over 84,000 photos on Instagram tagged with #ExploreMB. Use and publicize your own hashtag and encourage your customers to use it as well. Caption your image with relevant information and hashtags, including crediting the photographer (if applicable), and how your followers can get more information by adding links in your profile. Don’t forget to include the #ExploreMB and  #ExploreCanada tags to reach an even wider audience. As a guideline, use up to four hashtags in your caption and then comment to add other relevant tags.