Downtown Winnipeg Farmers Market

Garden-fresh vegetables, bright local berries and pasture-raised protein-it's all here at Manitoba's farmers' markets. But what about the sweet life? We've got that covered too.

Shut ur pie hole

 Shut Ur Pie Hole
Pie is delicious. Pie in Mason jars is spectacular. Leave it to Heather Daymond to offer both. Take your pick from classic apple or add a little adventure with apple cranberry orange. Like all great pie, it's about the crust, and you just can't beat this one.
Where to Buy: St. Norbert Farmers' Market, Knox Kitchen Friday Market, Downtown Farmers' Market



Chock full of ingredients that are good for you, Rebecca Hadfield's creations float toward the health food category. But make no mistake-these could easily be dessert! Toasted coconut toffee, salted caramel peanut and white chocolate cherry are just the beginning of the line up.
Where to Buy: Downtown Farmers' Market, The Forks Farmers' Market

Flora & Farmer
Technically, it's jam, but you'll never find these flavours on the store shelf. Blueberry basil, honey-sweetened blackberry lavender and mango rhubarb jars fill Kim Bialkoski's tables. Add a dollop to full fat Greek yogurt, top with a mint leaf and you've got a fancy dessert.
Where to Buy: The Forks Farmers' Market, Downtown Farmers' Market



Authentic Belgian waffles made by a Belgian-that's Sébastien De Lazzer's offer. Your three choices are: La Bruxelloise, a square treat ready for your sweet or savoury toppings; La Perle, a circular beauty that needs nothing at all; and La Saint Antoine, a sweet treat laced with cinnamon. Every single one is made by hand.
Where to Buy: Knox Kitchen Friday Market, Downtown Farmers' Market





Sweet C Bakery
Temptation runs high. Colourful cupcakes, your favourite slice and brownies galore. They're all delicious of course, but it's the cookies you want here. Big glass jars hold classic chewy chocolate chip, Succulent Sourcream Milk Chocolate and the not-to-be-overlooked Luscious Lemonade. Buy two or two dozen (the latter is recommended).
Where to Buy: HSC Courtyard Farmers' Market, The Forks Farmers' Market, Downtown Farmers' Market