Bon Vivant! Sauces
St. Norbert Farmers' Market has been a launch pad for many culinary success stories. Bon Vivant! Sauces got its kickstart at the market in 2006 and has been acting saucy ever since. The line-up includes Caribbean, Citrus, Korean, Fire Roasted Jalapeno and Chive, Chocolate Chili and Rootbeer sauces along with a rub. The Barbecue King or Queen on your list will love you.

Green Bean Coffee Imports
In addition to selling coffee, this business sells t-shirts that say "Life is too short for bad coffee." That's a good rule to live by. So treat the coffee lovers in your life to some seriously delicious brews. Owner Derryl Reid roasts up fresh batches several times a week from his roastery in a small town north of Winnipeg, so you know you're getting a fresh bag. Take your pick from coffees from Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Ethiopia and other points around the world.

Crown Royal
A gift of Manitoba's premiere whisky, made from the cool spring waters of Gimli, always seems to elicit an ‘ooh, ahh' most often followed by an acknowledgement that it's ‘the good stuff'. Crown Royal comes in five blends. You can really step up and give someone the CR Extra Rare, but it will set you back about $178.
Available at Liquor Marts in Manitoba and plenty of other places.

North End Lunch Basket
Sure this one's a bit unorthodox but it's downright delicious. The term ‘lunch' in many rural Manitoba households refers to something you set out for company at around 10 pm. Come through the door with this in hand and your hosts will love you. Your basket should include a couple of rings of sausage, unsliced rye bread, pickles, mustard and cheese. Feel free to get creative after that.
Hunter Sausage from Karpaty Meats, 536 Bannerman Ave., (204) 586-1395
Rye bread from Natural Bakery, 808 Logan Ave., (204) 783-7344
Pickles and mustard from Elman's; cheese from Bothwell Cheese, get them all at Main Street IGA, 1650 Main St., (204) 339-0213

Bothwell Cheese
You've come to love Bothwell Cheese for that hefty slice of two year-old cheddar on your toasted bagel, but did you know that this Manitoba cheesemaker puts together impressive gift boxes? Opt for the eight-piece variety box that includes blocks of the exotic Madagascar Peppercorn and Red Hot Chili Pepper Jack.
Factory Cheese Shop, New Bothwell, MB, (204) 388-4666 or order online.

Russian Mints, Mordens' of Winnipeg
Possibly Manitoba's most well known food gift, boxes of these melty morsels are stacked high and wide in the shop now that the holiday season is upon us. It's nothing to see customers walk out with several boxes or even whole cases. And there's a reason. They are delicious! But it would be a shame not to take a closer look at some of the other goodies around the store, namely the toasted coconut marshmallows and chocolate-covered jujubes.
674 Sargent Ave. (204) 783-4551

Healthy Hemp Starter Pack, Manitoba Harvest
If someone on your list is looking to start the new year with a new attitude toward health, here's the must-have gift. We all know that hemp is good for us. This made-in-Manitoba starter kit includes hemp seed oil, hemp seed butter, shelled hemp seed and hemp protein and fibre powder. The company Website has dozens of recipes to point you in the right direction.