CMHR FamilyTravel Manitoba's newest commercial focuses on the journey of a multi-generational family through the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR). With minimal copy, the ad uses the same visually stunning cinematographic style that defines our other Manitoba, Canada's Heart...Beats commercials. 

With our agency McKim Communications Group behind the ad's concept, story and execution, the CMHR spot features all Manitoba talent both in front of and behind the camera.  The Canadian Tourism Commission and the Museum itself provided funding toward the ad.

"We believe audiences from across Canada and around the world will be inspired to choose Manitoba as their travel destination after watching this beautiful commercial," said CMHR interim President and CEO Gail Stephens. "The images capture the unique experience that the Canadian Museum for Human Rights offers to visitors of all generations. We are pleased to partner with Travel Manitoba on this initiative." 

CMHR Commcercial Host

The commercial echoes the Museum's journey from "darkness to light", as the family, a young girl, her mother and grandfather, travel through the galleries to the Israel Asper Tower of Hope, with a local aboriginal elder representing a welcoming spirit. The song in the ad is based on a Ukrainian lullaby called A Dream Passes by the Windows and was performed by Manitoba-born composer and singer Alexis Kochan along with her ensemble, Paris to Kyiv. 

"I am so proud of this new commercial," said Colin Ferguson, Travel Manitoba's President and CEO. "Once again McKim Communications has managed to tell a story and create an emotional connection in thirty seconds. I know this ad will resonate with viewers."

The commercial will be entered into the rotation of Travel Manitoba's existing commercials, including spots on Winnipeg, fishing, and the summer and winter northern safari experiences, appearing on network television as well as aboard Air Canada flights.