Travel Manitoba announced details of its new Master Hunter Awards program to industry operators attending the sixth annual Fish/Hunt Summit on April 7, 2016 at the Victoria Inn.


The annual summits provide the opportunity for operators to provide input into Travel Manitoba’s marketing and partnership plans for the fish/hunt sector in the upcoming year, as well as review the success of past initiatives. This year, there was also a group exercise regarding content marketing and its value in reaching new customers, in addition to a presentation on the Master Hunter Awards program.


The program, an idea brought forward at last year’s Fish/Hunt Summit by Paul Conchatre of Birdtail Waterfowl and president of the MLOA, is a companion to the popular Master Angler Awards Program. Although unlike the Master Angler program, the Master Hunter program will not be based on size or minimum scores. Instead it is designed to promote the experience of hunting in Manitoba. Hunters will be recognized and rewarded with certificates and pins for successful hunts throughout their lifetime.


Awards will be given in two streams, Primary Awards – which will reward hunts of different species, and Specialist Awards – which will reward hunters of one group of animals. All new entrants to the program will receive a First Time Hunter Award.


“This program is a quantum leap,” said Randy Duvell of Kaskattama Safari Adventures. “I believe Manitoba is the first province to do a program like this. I applaud them for it.”


The Master Hunter program, which will be entirely online with no paper entries, is set to launch in May. Full program details and regulations will be available on once the program is launched.


Other notable outcomes from the Fish/Hunt summit include an agreement that Travel Manitoba will divert all partnership revenues from fish/hunt partners back into sector-specific marketing activities. As well, Travel Manitoba committed to looking at ways to target niche customers, like millennials and women, and is also committed to creating speciality angling commercials, now that funding through Plan 96/4 will increase Travel Manitoba’s fish/hunt marketing budget by 28%.