Manitoba-shot film becomes launching pad for promotion

The breathtaking Manitoba landscapes in the new feature film Aloft were the perfect backdrop for a successful promotion of our province at the Berlin Film Festival, where the film premiered in February.

Manitoba Film and Music and Travel Manitoba seized the opportunity to create buzz by sponsoring a VIP Telefilm event for 700 international and Canadian film producers, directors and location scouts. To further underline Manitoba’s panoramic beauty, attendees received DVDs of Travel Manitoba’s new television commercials and brochures from Frontiers North.

The highlight of the event was a draw for a trip for two to Churchill, courtesy of Frontiers North. The winner was an attendee from Screen International, a major film magazine that later featured the film poster and a photo from the event on its pages.

This was the first joint promotion by Travel Manitoba and Manitoba Film and Music following discussions that began last year.

“We both realized that there is a lot of potential for crossover as we promote Manitoba as both a film shoot location and tourism destination,” said Ginny Collins, Communications and Marketing Director for Manitoba Film and Sound.

“This film premiere was the perfect opportunity because it features the landscapes that are also the focus of the new Travel Manitoba advertising campaign. The province looks beautiful in this film so it made sense to make that link.”

Aloft is the first English-language film of Peruvian director Claudia Llosa, an Academy Award nominee, and stars Jennifer Connelly. The international production team included local producer Buffalo Gal Pictures.