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Travel Manitoba's 12 Invest in Tourism partners are back on board for 2015, supporting Travel Manitoba's national and international marketing plans. The corporate partnership program, introduced last year, supports Travel Manitoba's in-flight advertising - an expensive but very effective means of advertising.

To date, the twelve partners have committed $900,000 over three years to support the airing of Manitoba, Canada's Heart...Beats commercials on Air Canada. The Province of Manitoba also contributed a grant of $300,000 which was matched to corporate investment.

 Invest in Tourism Partners

Invest in Tourism Partners

"Our Invest in Tourism partners have stepped up the plate - throwing their support behind our new brand and behind Manitoba's tourism industry," said Colin Ferguson, Travel Manitoba's President and CEO. "What is equally exciting is that several of our Invest in Tourism partners have no direct ties to tourism, signalling a growth in the understanding of the importance that the tourism industry has on the economic and social fabric of our province."

One of Travel Manitoba's objectives as outlined in our business plan is to create awareness of the value of tourism in our province. Our partnerships with these 12 businesses signal to the rest of the business community, as well government stakeholders across all levels, that tourism, as
a leader in stimulating economic growth, is an industry worth investing in.

Not only is the Invest in Tourism program influencing tourism stakeholders - its goal to reaching air travellers is having an impact.

Travel Manitoba commissioned Probe Research to survey 600 Canadian air travellers this past September. Almost 60% of those surveyed said their opinion of Manitoba as a tourist destination was improved after seeing  our campaign videos, and almost 40% said the videos influenced them enough to seek our more information about Manitoba's travel opportunities. And 76% of air
travellers said the Manitoba, Canada's Heart...Beats commercials played a role in their decision to spend vacation time at Manitoba destinations.

As part of our partnership with Air Canada, the airline is also being recognized as the official air carrier of travel to Manitoba.

Travel Manitoba will resume its advertising aboard Air Canada flights this spring, with our new Canadian Museum for Human Rights  commercial being added to the existing rotation featuring its spots on Winnipeg, fishing, and the summer and winter northern safari experiences.