Have you tried creating Facebook ads yet? Your Facebook Business Manager can look a little daunting, but after creating an ad or two, you'll quickly find out that it's not as complex as you first thought.

Creating Facebook ads is a great way to share your content with new and existing audiences. Here are the four steps involved in making a simple ad.

1. Set your objective

The first question Facebook asks you is what type of ad you want to create. Are you trying to boost a single post, send people to a recent article you wrote, or want to promote your page?

There are many different ad objectives to choose from. I find the "Boost your posts" and the "Send people to your website" very effective, but for this tutorial, I chose the simple "Promote your Page" objective.

How to Create Facebook Ads Step 1

2. Set your audience

This is where it gets fun. First choose the locations you want to target, then select ages, gender and language.

Once you got the biggies set, then it's time to think about the interests of the people you think would connect most to your product/business. Magazines, TV shows, personalities, sports teams, types of hobbies/activities are all on the table here. Over time, the more ads you create the more you will zero in on detailed targeting. You can also Exclude or Narrow audiences here.

For this sample ad, I'm featuring Manitoba's outdoor experiences so I selected Outdoor Channel (TV channel), Paddling (activity), Camping (outdoor recreation), Bear Grylls (outdoor personality) and Canadian culture as a few interests to target. Have fun thinking about what type interests to add. Maybe go outside the box and select something that doesn't quite align perfectly with your business (e.g., target people who are fans of the Winnipeg Jets, or the Amazing Race, etc.).

How to Create Facebook Ads Step 2

3. Set budget and schedule

Once you've selected your audience, it's time to tell Facebook how much you want to spend and for how long. Add your budget and schedule, then go through all the other options and change whichever ones you want. Facebook has most of these options set to a default, so you can easily move on to choosing your ad creative after you set budget and schedule.

How to Create Facebook Ads Step 3

4. Choose ad creative

Now comes the look and feel of your ad. Do you want to showcase photos or a video? Once you've selected your media type, the ad will start to take shape in the Ad Preview box below. Depending on the objective, ads can be placed on a person's Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed, Right-Hand Column or Instagram. You can easily "Remove" any place you don't want your ads to appear.

Once the media is selected, add your short message to the ad. 

Tip: I would never remove the Mobile News Feed ads. The majority of people will see your ads on mobile devices. Also, I very rarely use Right-Hand Column ads.

How to Create Facebook Ad Step 4

How to Create a Facebook Ad Step 5