Check the calendar. In two short months, all the hubbub of the holidays will be making its way back into those Rubbermaid containers, safe for another year.

It's time to shop 'til you drop.

We've made a list, and checked it twice, to get you started. You may notice a common thread. All these dynamite choices happen to be made right here in Manitoba.

Wild Dog Farms Candles

Natural, smokeless, drip-free and 100-mile friendly, these candles meet all the requirements when it comes to buying a gift you'll feel good about. But all that comes second to the intoxicating aroma and heartwarming glow of pure beeswax. Did you know it takes eight pounds of honey to produce one pound of beeswax? Wild Dog Farms also makes goat's milk soap.

Chocolatier Constance Popp

Look for the bonbon with the red design on top. It's laced with chili but don't let that scare you off. It's won't incite your taste buds until the creamy chocolate is well on its way to your tummy. Or try the tequila organic lime and hot pepper; Manitoba red beet with pepper; caraway seed and sea salt; or Manitoba maple syrup. None of the treats are overly sweet, meaning you can easily work your way through three or four heavenly pieces for the perfect dessert.

The John Russell Honey Company

Some people go for the chocolate flavoured honey and others choose the honey apple breakfast spread. For me, there's nothing quite like creamed honey with strawberries on a warm scone packed with Saskatoon berries. The fields of Petersfield are good to the bees and The John Russell Honey Company does them proud with exceptional products.

Crown Cap

From fashionistas to farmers, everyone will appreciate the good looks and frostbite-fighter appeal of a locally made Crown Cap. These caps that were once the exclusive domain of trappers have found their way onto the runways and fashion magazines. There's the lamb aviator style with mink trim that sells for $375. Or you can pick up a very vogue plaid army cap with earflaps for $35.

Both are excellent choices for a day of ice fishing.

Wonderful World of Sheepskin

There's nothing better for padding around the cottage than a pair of sheepskin slippers. The shearling interior will keep even the frostiest toes warm. I kind of like the Marilyn style-all white and rather glamorous. Visit the factory showroom and take your pick from lots of styles for men, women and kids. Some even have rubber soles for making your way down the deck for that morning coffee.