With the second coming of the Winnipeg Jets, there are few more folks in town with the means to do a little splurging. While Winnipeggers have always been known for their keen senses when hunting for bargains, there are definitely more than a few spots that call for big NHL bucks.

So whether you're a Winnipeg Jet, a significant other of a Winnipeg Jet, or simply a fan who wants to celebrate with a little splash of cash, here's how to be a big spender in Manitoba.

Trust the Chef at The Fairmont Winnipeg
No time to jet away for a culinary adventure and a stay in a swanky hotel? No problem. Spend 24 hours with The Fairmont Winnipeg. Ask for the Trust the Chef package (offered on Saturday nights). Before your arrival, you'll have a little chat with the chef to find out if you love beef or hate fish. Depending on how adventurous you're feeling, the culinary team will design a menu just for you. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind meal, complete with wine pairings and explanations from the sommelier, in the always classy Velvet Glove restaurant. Retire to your posh room to sleep off that spectacular dinner. In true Sunday-morning style, lounge around reading the paper while you await the arrival of your room service breakfast. Of course if you feel you need a walk, you could stroll down to The Velvet Glove and have it there. Packages start at $375.

Hot & Steamy at Ten Spa
Take a cab. That's the best advice we can offer. Because after a day at Ten Spa in the historic Fort Garry Hotel, you won't be in any shape to drive. Every last bit of stressful energy will be ceremoniously drained from your body thanks to a series of luxe treatments. This treat for two start in the Hamam, a hot and steamy room with twinkling white lights overhead that lets you begin to scrub away the stress. You'll then be escorted down the hall for a Cleopatra Cocoon, Hot Peel Facial, Metro Pedicure and Metro Manicure. Somewhere in between all this pampering, you'll be served lunch, complete with a bottle of Champagne. Relaxation is imminent. $759 per couple.

One Magical Day in Churchill
Ideally, spending four or five days in Churchill is the best way to see everything our most famous northern destination has to offer. But winter in Winnipeg is a busy time of the year, with all those hockey practices and all. Good news! You can fly to Churchill, get awed by the polar bears, explore the town, have a great dinner and be back in your own bed that night. An early charter whisks you to Churchill where you'll spend the day on a Tundra Buggy getting up close and personal with polar bears. As the sun is going down, head into town for a dinner of regional cuisine and a little shopping. Hop back on the airplane and arrive in Winnipeg before the day is done. From Frontiers North Adventures, starting at $1,199

Vintage Bling from Birks

Remember that scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's where Holly and Paul are strolling though the famous jewellery store? It's all so elegant and civilized. That's exactly the same vibe that lingers in the Birks store at the corner of Lombard Ave. and Main St. in Winnipeg. I'm sure the elegance of the historic Union Trust Tower (built in 1913) has something to do with it, but so does the bling inside. But here's something you may not know about Birks. They can help you get your hands on a bauble designed by Mr. Louis Comfort Tiffany himself. Through the vintage sales department, you could be the proud owner of a moonstone and Montana sapphire pendant necklace designed by the artist in New York, circa 1915. Price tag, $145,000.