The world of marketing is rapidly changing. In order to keep pace with those changes, Travel Manitoba has recently re-structured, with an emphasis on content marketing and digital marketing. We are pleased to welcome Alex Krosney as our Senior Digital Marketing Manager and Nisha Tuli as our Senior Content Marketing Manager.


The new Content Marketing division will oversee Travel Manitoba’s paid, earned, and owned media, (formerly separate areas of media relations and social media). The newly expanded Digital Marketing team will grow Travel Manitoba’s online presence.


Travel Manitoba is also pleased to welcome Carly Sallows-Harrie in the role of Marketing Assistant, who will be working closely with industry to collect partnership assets.


Other organizational changes include Lilian Tankard at the helm of the newly combined Partnership and Visitor Experiences department and Cindy Perrett and Michel LaRivière leading Travel Manitoba’s travel trade initiatives in our International Marketing department.


We look forward to connecting with our industry partners at the Manitoba Tourism Awards and Conference happening October 4-5, and to continuing to work together throughout the year.