Nomination deadline for the 17th Annual Manitoba Tourism Awards has been extended to July 15. Now is the time to prepare a nomination to recognize excellence in our tourism industry. Here are five reasons why you should nominate a colleague, partner or even yourself:

1. The nominations have been shortened. Don't have time to complete eight questions? Don't worry, most nominations are only four questions long. The Volunteer of the Year category is just one question. We all know that volunteers are essential in tourism, so complete just one question to recognize a standout volunteer.

2. Nomination questions are more specific. Vague questions can make it difficult to figure out the best way to answer. The condensed nomination forms mean the questions are laser sharp and get right to the point. There are even suggestions on the best way to answer, making it even easier to complete a nomination.

3. The categories are diverse. Did you run a successful social media campaign? Nominate it in for the Marketing Excellence Award. Did you come up with a great new product or service? Complete a nomination for the Innovation Award. Want to recognize your mentor for their career achievements? You know they'll be thrilled when you nominate them for the Award of Distinction (Individual).

4. Recognition. All finalists and winners for the Manitoba tourism awards will be recognized in front of their peers and colleagues at the gala luncheon for their outstanding contributions to our industry (they also get a free ticket!). They will also be given a logo recognizing their achievements for use in promotional material. All finalists receive a certificate and will have their photo professionally taken and the winners will take home a beautiful glass trophy.

5. More recognition. Travel Manitoba often selects the finalists and winners of its awards to nominate for other awards programs, including the Canadian Tourism Awards. By nominating for, and potentially winning, a Manitoba Tourism Award, your tourism business or service could be recognized among the best in Canada.

Start your nomination right now!