Travel Manitoba is joining Destination Canada on its return to consumer marketing in the U.S. with a comprehensive plan that targets 12 major American cities, inviting them to discover what’s Found in Canada.

The Connecting America campaign will see $30 million invested over 3 years with the goal to drive 680,000 additional leisure travellers, resulting in $400 million in incremental visitor spend. Travel Manitoba’s partnership will be targeted at three cities: Minneapolis, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Targeting through traditional, online and social media outlets that include Buzzfeed, AFAR, Matadaor Network, Refinery29, GQ, NBC, CBS, ABC, and YouTube, the campaign will build buzz and excitement about Canada, improve knowledge about Canada as a travel destination, shift perceptions about Canada, and create a sense of urgency to visit Canada now. The Found in Canada tagline will grab users’ attention and let Americans sample Canada through the eyes of our Instagrammers.

While the primary call to action will be, informational content, like top attractions and itineraries organized by province or theme and direct-response digital advertising will ultimately redirect consumers to respective partners, including Travel Manitoba.

The campaign is currently underway and will compliment Travel Manitoba’s further investment in a summer campaign targeting the U.S. upper mid-West.