In small and larger communities throughout Manitoba, communities come together breaking bread with friends, families and newcomers during fall supper season.

Home cooks, using treasured family recipes, lay out a bountiful spread inside community halls and church basements in a celebration of the harvest.

Roast turkey, cabbage rolls, perogies, Manitoba-grown vegetables, saskatoon berry, rhubarb and pumpkin pies are just for starters at these elaborate dinners.

The feasts typically cost about $10 per person with proceeds going to a charity or community project. Everyone is welcome.

Here are a few of Manitoba's 2012 fall feasts:

September 29:
Grand Marias Fall Supper, Recreation Hall

September 30:
Carman Fall Supper, Carman Community Hall. 204-745-2204,
Cowan Fall Supper, Cowan Community Hall. 204-569-4851
Miami Fall Supper, Miami Community Hall
Otterburne Fall Supper, Otterburne Curling Club. 204-433-7133
Cooks Creek Immaculate Conceptions Church Fall Supper, Hwy 212 and Zora Road. 204-444-2478,

October 7:
Lorette Fall Supper, Notre Dame de Lorette Parish Hall. 204-878-2221, click here for information.
Treherne Fall Supper. 204-723-2360

October 14:
Carman Fall Supper, Carman Community Hall. 204-745-6835,
McCreary Fall Supper, McCreary Community Centre. 204-835-2525
Pine River Fall Supper, Community Hall. 204-263-2643
Shellmouth Fall Supper, Shellmouth Community Hall. 204-564-2472
Stonewall Fall Supper, Royal Canadian Legion Hall. 204-467-2261

October 21:
Haywood Fall Supper, Community Hall. 204-379-2477
St. Joseph Fall Supper, Community Hall. 204-737-2612

October 28:
Emerson Fall Supper, Community Hall. 204-373-2002 or 204-373-2445
Ste. Rose du Lac Fall Supper, Ste. Rose Community Centre. 204-447-2154

November 4:
St. Malo Fall Supper, Chalet Malouin. 204-347-5753